Sunday, May 28, 2023

Prove You Wong

Today's song reference is from NY crossover thrashers Prong.  I saw Prong in concert a few years back as one of the opening acts for Sepultura and Testament.  All three bands were extremely important to me in high school.  

Up first is the Topps Gypsy Queen Black and White parallel.  The team logo stands out as the only color on the front of this card.  This card is serial-numbered to 50.

I have to say I REALLY like this card.  This is the Topps Chrome Aqua Wave Refractor card, serial-numbered to 199.  The color and pattern is very striking here.

This is the Panini Capstone Blue parallel.  I have said this a lot, but it bears repeating, catcher cards in Panini sets really look great.  You almost would not know there is no Major League license.  

This is the Select Red Disco parallel and is one of the insane parallel variations available by Panini.  

These two cards came together, along with a second copy of the first card.  I think I have determined that the first card is the rookie variation of the base Mosaic card, one I still do not have, but should have gotten earlier.  I will have to re-buy it.  The reason I think it is the rookie variation is that it has a big "V" on the back of the card underneath the "Prizm".  It also has a different photo on the front.  The second card is the Red and Yellow Fusion parallel.

Saving the best card for last today.  This is the Panini Chronicles Contenders Fame Ticket Autograph.  This card is serial-numbered to just five and is my rarest autograph card to date.

That is it for now.  There are more to come soon.

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