Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Mercari Wong

In my quest to come up with new places to find cards I need, I discovered Mercari.  Mercari is an online marketplace similar to Ebay covering a wide variety of products.  People post stuff for sale with set prices, though there could be some room to negotiate.  There are some cards on there, but not a great deal of them.  There are some bargains to be had though and I snagged one with this card, which I managed to get for a fraction of what I have seen them go for on Ebay.

This is the Gold parallel from Topps Pristine and it is serial-numbered to 50.  Unfortunately, things have not been much better with Mercari than with Ebay.  I bought two cards on Mercari, and this is the only one of the two I will be getting.  The seller never responded on the other card, despite waiting more than a week and sending multiple messages.  I am not sure why this particular collection has brought so many issues.  I did manage to track down the card somewhere else, but it cost quite a bit more.  Good thing this one was such a good deal.


  1. I've been using Japanese Mercari for a bunch of things for the past year (you can thank them for some of the Card Gens I was able to send you last year lol). I'm not super sure how the US version is but the Japanese one is filled with fakes so I usually stay away from high ticket items. These types of parallels are borderline/worth a gamble depending on the price.

    1. That is concerning. I am not too sure how much of that is a problem here, but as I said in the post I did have one issue right away. I did recently make another buy, but I established communication with the seller first to ensure there would not be a problem.