Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Another Zippy Zapping

I love finding unexpected packages in the mail.  Kenny is one of the most generous people out there and I am always very excited to see a package from him. 

He definitely did not disappoint here:
One of the best things about his packages are the Sega Card Gen cards from Japan.  And this time, he included two, Kevin Youkilis and Victor Martinez, two players Boston could use right now.  The Michael Kopech autograph was completely surprising and extremely generous, especially since Kopech is a Top 10 prospect and only 19 years old.  Kenny also usually includes a bunch of Bowman stuff.  The Mookie Betts is definitely appreciated.  Finally, Kenny typically includes some vintage and this Dalton Jones card from the Impossible Dream season.
And here we have some more Bowman cards, including an Asian only card of Sean Coyle, and two nice inserts of Coyle and Rusney Castillo who appears to be here to stay.

The final three cards will not be making my Red Sox collection.  The Fisk cards are both duplicates but I felt like I had to show them off because of their condition.  I bet that 1978 has some stories.  Finally, the Hideki Okajima card is just interesting because it is my first Japanese card.  I really liked Hideki Okajima when he pitched for Boston.  I loved his pitching motion which would result in him not even looking after he threw a pitch.  It was amazing he had any control at all.

So another successful Zippy Zapping.  Thanks Kenny!