Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My First JBJ Auto and 2014 Topps Blaster

I had been looking forward to 2014 Topps for awhile now.  I have not been buying packs lately because there are so few sets out there where I need a lot of Red Sox, so I had to look forward to the new sets.  I bought a blaster yesterday which went less than ideally:
1.  2013 Select Jackie Bradley Jr. RC AUTO.  I bought this off of Ebay.  It is my first autograph of JBJ.

2.  2014 Topps Super Veteran David Ortiz.  This was in the first pack, so I thought things were going to go well.  Nope.

3.  2014 Topps Junichi Tazawa.  My only base card from the set was one that I was excited about.  It's great to see Tazawa get some cards.  That was it for my Red Sox though.

Here's the tradebait.  Anyone want anything?  Anyone able to help me with my Wantlist?  Hit me up.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Whole Bunch of JBJ Additions

I have been pretty bad about making posts lately and I apologize.  Mail has been barely trickling in most of the time.  I have not been buying much because I am waiting on the 2014 stuff to start coming out.  But I do have a bunch of new Jackie Bradley Jr. cards to show off:
1.  2013 Topps Chrome Xfractor Jackie Bradley Jr. RC.

2.  2013 Panini Prizm Red Jackie Bradley Jr. RC.

3.  2013 Panini Prizm Blue Jackie Bradley Jr. RC.

4.  2011 Playoff Contenders Prospect Ticket Jackie Bradley Jr.

5.  2013 Topps Chrome Blue Refractor Jackie Bradley Jr. RC.  The first five cards all came from one seller.  The prices were reasonable, so I got a bunch of them.

6.  2013 America's Pastime Future Fabric Jackie Bradley Jr. RC.  My first relic card of JBJ.  I have a relic/auto redemption I am waiting on.

7.  2013 Topps Chrome Sepia Refractor Jackie Bradley Jr. RC.  One of my new favorites.
8.  2013 Bowman Chrome Jackie Bradley Jr. RC.

9.  2012 Bowman Prospects Purple Jackie Bradley Jr. FY.

10.  2013 Panini Prizm Green Jackie Bradley Jr. RC.  Not many variations of this that I still need: just Blue Pulsar, Finite, and Gold.

A forum trade to show off:
11.  2013 Bowman Platinum Prospects Purple Allen Webster.

12.  2013 Panini Prizm Fearless Dustin Pedroia.  I like this card quite a bit.  Not sure why it did not make my want list.

13.  2013 Topps Chrome Purple Refractor Allen Webster RC.  Webster will be given a shot this year, if he does not make it, I can see him being trade bait.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Great Scott! (And Xander?)

Mark came through again with a single-card PWE that held this awesome card:
1.  1977 Hostess George Scott.  Yes that is a horrible airbrush job, but you can't go wrong with a vintage food-issue oddball of Boomer.  Sadly Scott died last year.

Thanks Mark!  I promise I will get something in the mail out to you soon.

After that I received a couple cards of sensation Xander Bogaerts:
2.  2013 Bowman Chrome Cream of the Crop Mini Refractor Xander Bogaerts.  This was the last card from this insert set I needed.

3.  2013 Bowman Top 100 Xander Bogaerts.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Weekend Updates

Is it baseball season yet?
1.  2013 Bowman Sterling Allen Webster RC.  Acquired in a minor forum trade.  Webster has good stuff but needs to learn control.

2.  2013 Bowman Chrome Draft Picks Blue Wave Refractor Jackie Bradley Jr. RC.  I love that these are easier to get now than having to mail in for them.

3.  2013 Panini Prizm Orange Die Cut Jackie Bradley Jr. RC.  Just an awesome-looking card.  Die cuts are cool.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Hall of Fame Post

I am, as usual, late to the party.  I usually look forward to the Hall voting, but I have become a bit disillusioned with it in recent years.  Look, I understand that a lot of voters have different views on the whole PED thing than I do.  My view is that if it was not illegal in the game and so many others were doing them, then what is the point in keeping those players out of the Hall?  It was the way things were at the time.  Other than Rafael Palmeiro, none of those players tested positive or were suspended.  Does that make it okay?  No, but then we have some less-than-savory characters in the Hall of Fame already.  Paul Molitor had a major cocaine problem.  Tris Speaker was a member of the KKK.  Ty Cobb was a racist and possibly killed someone.  Obviously the difference is that none of this effected what those players did on the field.  But Gaylord Perry was a cheater, throwing a spitball for his entire career.  And he's in.  So I don't really get the indignation that voters have towards these players and I am starting to think the voting needs to be changed.

I saw someone comment in a post once about doing a special Steroid Era vote like they did with the Negro Leagues where a committee would get together and vote a number of players in and then not deal with the era again.  I kind of like that idea.  Maybe the plaques would say that these players were voted in by that committee.  I don't know.

So anyway, I think what really killed things for me this year was the Veterans' Committee ballot.  I was not as interested in the BBWAA ballot because I was already annoyed with the Veterans' Committee.  I firmly believe Dwight Evans should be a Hall of Famer.  He was a terrific player who dropped off the Hall ballot after three years.  But he was not even on the ballot this last year.  He was eligible under the new rules to be on.  He should have at least been on the ballot.  I am not bothered by the managers that got in, all three deserve it, but I think Evans deserves to be in.

So I was already annoyed and pessimistic before we got to the vote.  Boston did not have many players with a realistic shot.  But I had grown up watching all of the players on the ballot, so it was interesting enough for me.

I was a huge Alou fan.  He is one of the many players from this ballot that I used to collect when I had a number of minor player collectors.  I mostly remember him from his days with the Expos, Marlins, and Astros.  He was a great hitter, but he is definitely a product of the era.  He is not a Hall of Famer.

The fact that he is still not in is a travesty.  Bagwell was one of the greatest first-basemen of all time.  And all the voters have against him is some suspicion.  What a crock.

I honestly do not understand why he even made it to the ballot.  I remember him as a frequently ineffective reliever with the Mets and Orioles.  He lead the league in saves once.  To be a Hall of Famer as a closer, you have to be among the very best for a long time, and Benitez does not come close to qualifying.  How the hell did he even get one vote?

Biggio was one of my favorite players growing up.  I can not believe he is not in either.  He fell two votes short.  How many players were impact players at catcher, second base, and center field over their career?  And he had over 3,000 hits.  Seriously, he should be in.

I am not going to spend a lot of time here.  He was a Hall of Fame quality player before the steroid suspicions.  He is the all-time home run leader, and he won seven MVPs.  He should be in.

Our first player with Red Sox ties.  A good contact hitter, but little else.  Again, I am surprised he was even on the ballot.

Like Bonds, Clemens was a Hall of Famer before the steroid rumors started.  Clemens was perhaps the greatest pitcher of all time.  And he spent much of it with the Red Sox.  Clemens was one of my first favorite players (after Wade Boggs), so I want to see him in, and as a Red Sox.

I remember Durham had a pretty good rookie season for the White Sox and had several decent seasons for Chicago.  His numbers look a little better than I thought they would, but he is not close to a Hall of Famer.

I always enjoyed watching Tom Glavine for the Braves.  He was my favorite of the Braves aces personally.  His case is all about 300 wins and longevity, otherwise he is not as strong as Mike Mussina and Curt Schilling, two pitchers who received very little support.

I suspect Gagne would not be on the ballot if it were not for his 2003 season.  He was the best closer in baseball for three seasons, but after that he went downhill quickly.  He spent an ill-fated part of 2007 with Boston.

Gonzo was absolutely terrific in 2001 with the Diamondbacks.  And he had a few other nice seasons as well, but like Alou, he was a product of the times.  Sure his numbers look great, but a lot of players id from this time period.

Here's something else that bothers me, how did Jacque Jones get on the ballot, but Trot Nixon did not?  Jones played ten seasons and had a .277/.326/.448 line with 165 home runs.  Nixon played twelve years and had a .274/.364/.464 line with 137 home runs.  Neither are close to being Hall of Famers, but Nixon should have been on the ballot if Jones was.

Another player with Red Sox ties, but he did not have any cards from his time with them.  Jones had a great 2000 season when he tied for the league lead in saves but not much else before or after that.

Kent should be in.  One of the greatest offensive second basemen of all time and an MVP in 2000.  His case will probably build over time.

I remember LoDuca having one good season with the Dodgers.  How did he even make the ballot?

Surefire Hall of Famer.  No doubt about it.  He should have been unanimous.

I always liked Edgar.  I think his case is hurt from the late start, the Mariners were dumb for not getting him in earlier.  He is also hurt by being a DH.  But he should be in.

Mattingly was already past his prime when I became a fan.  I never liked him, but then he played for the Yankees and seemed vastly overrated to me.  Perhaps because I did not see him at his best.

It's amazing what the magic numbers mean.  If McGriff had hit just seven more home runs, he might be in already, maybe.  He was a great player for a long time, but maybe not quite a Hall of Famer.

Another steroid case, but another player I believe should be in.

I have come around on Mussina.  He was never a true ace with the Yankees, but he was with the Orioles.  He was a great pitcher for a long time.  His case should build over time.

I remember him as a Twin and a Blue Jay.  Like Mattingly, I missed his prime.  But I have looked at the numbers and I do not see him as a Hall of Famer.  The ERA does not do it for me.

Loved him in 1995 and was a huge fan in 2001 with the Red Sox, but that is pretty much it for Nomo.  He was another player I collected.

Palmeiro is the poster boy for the steroids allegations.  Although with him they were not allegations.  He was suspended.  He also had 3,000 hits and 500 home runs.  And now he is off the ballot.

The greatest offensive catcher of all time.  He should be in.  Despite what Murray Chass thinks.

Raines was another player whose prime I missed.  He was a good player with the White Sox when I became a fan and then became a part-timer for a few years with a bunch of other teams.  For a few years in the 1980's though, he was amazing.  I think he should be in.

If you look at the numbers, Rogers has as good a better case than you would think.  Still not a Hall of Famer.

I think it's his wins total that is keeping him out.  His vote total decreased dramatically but he has an excellent case.  He was 216-146 with a 3.46 ERA with 3,116 strikeouts.  He was runner-up for the Cy Young three times and was a terrific postseason pitcher.  He should be in.

An all-or-nothing hitter.  Sexson was a big power threat for the Diamondbacks, Mariners, and Brewers.  He had 300 home runs, but was never one of the best players in the league.

Smith is a closer that I think should be in.  He was one of the best closers for a very long time and retired with the saves record.  He also spent some time with the Red Sox.

Nice player, great defensive first-baseman.  Not a Hall of Famer.

600 home runs, one of the great home run races in history in 1998, three plus seasons of 60 home runs.  Should be in.  Steroids likely keeping him out.  Lots of run-on sentences.

Surefire Hall of Famer.  A massive force in the early 1990's.

Middle relievers just don't make the Hall of Fame.  He was a very good one but definitely not Hall of Fame level.

I think Trammell should be in.  He was every bit as good as Cal Ripken and Ozzie Smith, his contemporaries in the 1980's at shortstop.  Another player whose prime I missed.

Walker is interesting because his numbers are terrific.  But he played for the Rockies for a long time, so there is no telling whether his numbers were him, or the park.  It will be interesting to watch.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Stuff With Some Vintage Oddballs

I have not been posting much lately.  Just not a ton of reason to do so.  I will probably have a post up about the Hall of Fame voting sometime soon.  I am happy for Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, and Frank Thomas, but disappointed about Roger Clemens, Curt Schilling, Craig Biggio, Mike Piazza, Jeff Bagwell, and others.

My ongoing Jackie Bradley fix was sated by a couple off Ebay:
1.  2013 Bowman Platinum Cracked Ice Sapphire Jackie Bradley Jr. RC.  This one came on Friday.  I just need the red one now, I think.
2.  2013 Bowman Draft Picks Blue Jackie Bradley Jr. RC.  And my final JBJ card of the day.

The next three came in a trade that finished off the 2013 Panini Prizm team set:

3.  2013 Panini Prizm Allen Webster RC.  I have no idea what uniform he is wearing in this shot.

4.  2013 Panini Prizm Nomar Garciaparra.  I am curious to see what happens when he makes the Hall of Fame ballot.  I maintain that his dominance from 1997 to 2003 should merit consideration, despite his big slide afterwards.

5.  2013 Panini Prizm Pedro Martinez.  On the other hand, Pedro should be a lock.

Finally, I received another nice package from Mark, who I did a trade with earlier.  He sent along some great vintage and oddballs:
6.  1975 Topps Mini Rick Wise.  Wise actually lead the Red Sox in wins in 1975.  This is my second mini from 1975 Topps.

7.  1966 Topps Rub-Offs Dick Radatz.  A great oddball of the Monster, one of the most intimidating relievers in history.

8.  1969 Globe Imprints Ken Harrelson.  The Hawk had a great 1968 season for Boston.  I can't stand him as the White Sox announcer though.

9.  1969 Milton Bradley Rico Petrocelli.  Petro had some great seasons in the late 1960's/early 1970's as a power-hitting shortstop.

10.  1960 Leaf Ted Wills.  Wills was a left-hander who only had a handful of games in any one season he played.  Still, this is my first 1960 Leaf card.  Pretty cool.

11.  1959 Fleer Ted Williams #79.  I love this set, though I only now have two from it.  I need to try get some more.

12.  1969 Topps Tony Conigliaro.  I am so happy about this card.  This makes two great vintage Tony C. cards in the last couple of weeks.

13.  1973 Topps Dwight Evans RC.  But this is the best card from the package.  Dewey's rookie card.  He really should have been on the Veterans' Committee ballot this year.  He deserves to be in the Hall of Fame.

14.  1959 Topps Frank Malzone.  A terrific third-baseman in the 50's and 60's.

Thanks Mark!  Or Harry!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Prizm Blaster

Two nights ago I had to run to town to get my wife some medicine.  Yes, I spent New Year's Eve driving to town to get medicine.  To cure the irritation at that, I decided to pick up a blaster.  Prizm had been somewhat kind to me and I still needed a few base cards to finish off the team set.  Well all I got was this:
1.  2013 Panini Prizm Alex Wilson RC.  This was one of the remaining base cards I needed and I managed to turn two of the pulls into the remaining cards on the forums, so it worked out well.  Wilson looked like a promising bullpen arm until an injury shortened his year.