Monday, May 1, 2023

Another Forum Trade (Including Connor Wong)

Here is another forum trade.  This one was focused primarily on 2021 Bowman Draft.  I have probably discussed my feelings about Bowman Draft at some point around here.  If not, I guess I will today.  I am not the biggest fan of it.  It is overly expensive and a lot of the players may never play in the Majors.  So, I will get the base singles usually, and maybe some of the refractors, but it is never a focus.

1.  Xander Bogaerts.  Obviously not all of the cards are from Bowman Draft.  This is a decent action shot for Diamond Kings.  I am curious if Panini will release a Diamond Kings set this year.

2.  Tanner Houck.  Houck has been showing promise as a starting pitcher this year.  There was some question about whether he would be better out of the bullpen, but he has done really well so far.

3.  Kutter Crawford.  Crawford seems to have taken Houck's spot as a multi-inning reliever, as well as Josh Winckowski.

4.  Elmer Rodriguez-Cruz.  Rodriguez-Cruz was the Red Sox fourth-round pick in 2021.  He has been fairly impressive, but has not pitched a lot since he was drafted.

5.  Brainer Bonaci.  Bonaci is currently ranked 22nd on the Sox Prospects top prospects list.  He will likely be a utility infielder if he makes it to the Majors.

6.  Freddy Valdez.  Valdez was acquired from the Mets in the Andrew Benintendi deal.  He was supposed to have prodigious power, but that has not translated.  He has recently been transitioned into a pitcher.

7.  Triston Casas.  Here is a player that has actually made the Majors.  Casas is starting to come around at the plate, but it has been a little slow.

8.  Jeter Downs.  Another player who made the Majors, Downs is out of the Red Sox system now.

9.  Chih-Jung Liu.  Liu is currently in AA Portland.  He was an international free agent out of Taiwan and has had varying levels of success in the minors.  He does not look likely to make the Majors at this point.

10.  Tyler McDonough.  Another utility-type, McDonough had a good year in 2021, but has struggled since in the minors.

11.  Bobby Dalbec.  Interrupting the Draft cards is Dalbec, who got a short look in the Majors earlier this season, but has not been any more impressive with the bat.

12.  Nick Yorke.  Boston's first-round pick in 2020 came out of the gate raking, but then struggled last season.  This is sort of a make-or-break season for him.  If he struggles again, the leash might be short for him moving forward.  

13.  Brainer Bonaci.

14.  Freddy Valdez.

15.  Triston Casas.

16.  Jeter Downs.

17.  Chih-Jung Liu.

18.  Jarren Duran.  Duran has been impressive so far in the Majors, at the time that I am writing this.  He may have finally put it together.

19.  Rafael Devers.  I am up to 251 Devers cards with this one.  49 to go.

20.  Connor Wong.  Here we go.  I do not remember having this card as part of the deal.  So, this is exciting.  

21.  Jarren Duran.  

22.  Connor Wong.  This one I think was part of the deal.  So, that's two more Connor Wong cards for the collection.  I am now up to 19.

23.  Dustin Pedroia.  Pedroia will be eligible for the Hall of Fame for the first time next year.  It will be interesting to see what happens with him.

24.  Rafael Devers.  I love that Devers is shown in his City Connect uniform on this card.  Also, 48 to go.

25.  Jarren Duran.  With the way he has been playing, I am actually not complaining about getting so many of his cards.

26.  Bobby Dalbec.

27.  Roger Clemens.  Clemens will next be up for the Eras Committee ballot in 2027.

29.  Christian Arroyo.  Arroyo has been struggling a bit this season and could find himself the odd man out when Adalberto Mondesi and Trevor Story are ready.

30.  Triston Casas. 

31.  Tanner Houck.

32.  Trevor Story.  Story appears to be making progress and could be back by mid-season.

33.  Nomar Garciaparra.  Here is Nomar shown in a Trenton Thunder uniform.  Trenton was the AA team of the Red Sox during his time.  He did not have great numbers with Trenton, surprisingly.  He hit .267 with eight home runs and 35 stolen bases for them.

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