Saturday, December 5, 2020

Goodbye Tzu-Wei Lin

Well I am officially ending another mini player collection now, though it will not stop me from picking up Red Sox cards of him if they should catch my attention.  Tzu-Wei Lin has signed a minor league contract with the Twins after being let go this offseason.  I kind of suspected this was going to happen, but I had hoped Boston would re-sign him due to his versatility.  Lin has not done much with the bat the last couple of seasons, so his time was limited.  In 101 games with the Red Sox, he has hit .223/.298/.316 with one home run, 12 RBIs and two stolen bases.  Not the kind of numbers that keep one in the Majors.  It has been his versatility that has been his best quality though.  Lin has appeared at every position except for first base.  Yes, he has even caught and pitched.  

I am very disappointed this has happened, but not surprised.  I wish him luck, and maybe he could return at some point.