Thursday, April 18, 2013

Underrated Player of the Year: 2011

In this series, I look at one player per year from 1991-the present who came out of nowhere or had a great year that no one really noticed or expected.
It is not very often that a player jumps from the Yankees to the Red Sox and have more success than they did with the Yankees.  It did happen with Alfredo Aceves though.  After a terrific 2009 season, Aceves was hurt most of the year in 2010.  He was non-tendered in December due to the injuries and some perceived behavioral problems.  He signed with the Red Sox as a free agent about two months later.

Aceves made the 25 man roster with a good Spring Training and was one of the most versatile pitchers on the team.  Aceves started four games and finished fifteen.  He pitched in 55 games total.  His 114 innings were a testament to his versatility.  

His final numbers were impressive.  Aceves went 10-2 with a 2.61 ERA and 80 strikeouts with 42 walks.  His WHIP was a solid 1.105.  Not only was he versatile, he pitched quite well.

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