Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Random Awesome Photo: 1990 Upper Deck #461 Rob Murphy

This has always been a favorite photo of mine.  I got this card somewhat early in my collecting days.  I think I found it at Hobbytown, a local store with all manner of hobby products.  They had some boxes of common cards that one could sort through freely.  It was a big place for me to get cards early on because it was in the mall and my parents would let me spend about 15 minutes there looking through the boxes.  And since they were all commons, they were cheap.  

Anyway, this Rob Murphy card shows the lefty reliever doing something on a really primitive laptop.  My memory of computers from this time is fairly limited.  I was nine.  I remember the computers in the school lab but I do not think I ever saw a portable computer at the time.  So I have no idea what that thing is.

This is one of those cards that shows a player doing something outside of the baselines.  It is definitely an interesting shot.


  1. That's definitely a neat card. I didn't even know laptops existed in 1990!

  2. I kind of thought you would get a kick out of this one Nick.