Friday, April 26, 2013

Mailday 04/25: Forum Trades

The high-end stuff was delivered to my office.  I forgot that I had something on ebay delivered there previously and that I had not changed my address back to my home address.  When I got home three more packages were waiting for me, two trades on the forums and one blog trade.  These are the two forum trades.

Up first is a small four card trade.  I gave up some of this guy's set needs and picked up the following.
Up first is yet another Adrian Gonzalez card.  I have been picking up a lot of these lately.  The Julio Lugo is another parallel from 2009 O-Pee-Chee.  I like getting Orlando Cabrera cards because of his role on the 2004 World Championship team.  Finally there is this nice Tim Naehring card that I was only aware of recently.  Naehring was one of my favorite players as a kid.

Then we have another trade that I gave up some set needs and got some nice inserts and parallels. 
The first two are a couple of A&G back minis of Kevin Youkilis and Jarrod Saltalamacchia.  The Mark Melancon card is the sepia parallel and is numbered out of 99.  Then we have the mini Topps card of Andrew Bailey.  Then yet another Adrian Gonzalez insert that I did not have.  Next up is the cloth sticker insert of Jacoby Ellsbury, this is the last insert card I needed from 2012 Archives.  I still need a bunch of the gold parallels and autographs.  The Gypsy Queen Ellsbury is the photo variation short print.  And finally yet another Gonzalez, this one the chrome refractor numbered to 563.

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