Monday, April 8, 2013

Mailday 04/06: Trade with Baseball Dime Boxes and More

Saturday's mail box was pretty full.  First up was a package from a trade I did with Nick at Baseball Dime Boxes.  This one nailed down a bunch of cards from my want list and some other holes that I discovered when perusing his tradelist.  I helped out his set list in return.

The first scan shows some random cards that I did not realize were holes in my 1998 Collector's Choice, 1998 Score, and 2001 Topps sets and some other random cards I did not have.  I like the Foulke card because of his role in the 2004 World Championship.  The Jon Lester and Carl Crawford are nice inserts that I did not have.  I will probably always enjoy getting cards of Carl Crawford with the Red Sox even though he did not play particularly well for them.  I always like getting cards of Mike Stanley, Jefferson, and Troy O'Leary as they were three favorites when I was growing up.

The next scan are some more cards from Nick, most of which covered some stuff off my wantlist, in particular the Legendary Cuts cards of Hall of Famers Lefty Grove and Rick Ferrell, the 2010 Upper Deck George Kottaras and 2011 Topps Update Carl Crawford (both of which finished team sets), the 2011 Gypsy Queen Marco Scutaro, and 2012 Topps Opening Day Clay Buchholz.  The other two are additional holes that I discovered.  I did not know the Jorge De La Rosa even existed.

The final scan of stuff from Nick is of a couple of cards from last year's Panini Cooperstown set.  I have said before that I have not done much with any of the Panini brands since they have resurfaced without an MLB license.  So you get odd things like this Carl Yastrzemski with the top of the cap cut off.  Still, Red Sox cards are Red Sox cards, and these are both Hall of Famers.  Harry Hooper does not get many cards at all, so I love picking one up when I can. 
There were two other cards in the package, one of which I discovered I had but somehow missed when I was putting my have list together, the other was a Lefty Grove card that featured him in a Red Sox uniform, but had an Athletics team name and logo.  Personally, I don't count those.  To me, the logo and team name are what controls what team the card is.  No big deal though. 

Thanks Nick!

Up next was are some quick and easy trades on the forums.  

First up is a four card trade that netted me some of the missing pieces to my 2012 Topps Archives master team set.  The Crawford is the gold foil parallel and is my first Red Sox card from the parallel set.  The Luis Tiant is a short print Fan Favorites card.  I loved the Fan Favorites sets from 2003 to 2005, so when I saw they were bringing them back as short prints and autographs I was pretty excited.  The other two are inserts I needed.  All I gave up were some Yankees inserts and parallels.  As a Red Sox fan, that is the best thing to do with Yankees cards.  Trade them for more Red Sox.

The next trade was another one that I gave up some Yankees cards for.  The Will Middlebrooks was an apology throw-in for not having a few 2012 Bowman Draft cards we originally agreed to.  I am fine with it though because Middlebrooks is with the team right now.  I was really happy about the Franchise All Stars card with David Ortiz and Xander Bogaerts, a player I am very excited about.

Up next are a couple of random purchases.

The first one included a couple of cards that were only available through a mail-in offer.  You had to get a card to redeem for a group of these cards.  I had the redemption cards, but I did not get them until over a year after the final date to send them in, so I always felt a little cheated.  I almost did not even get these.  The seller sent them to the wrong place and had to track them back down.  It was a long time coming, but I managed to get these two.  I still need the Rheal Cormier card to finish the team set.

The final purchase was this awesome Cody Ross autographed card.  This will likely be the only Red Sox autograph of Ross.  I picked up because there are very limited cards of Ross available with the Red Sox, even after he played so well for them.

The final two scans are of my Easter present from my wife.  She bought me the 2013 Topps Team Set package.  This has some great cards, including my first cards of Koji Uehara, Joel Hanrahan, and Mike Napoli with the Red Sox as well as other new additions to the team like Shane Victorino, Ryan Dempster, Stephen Drew, and Jonny Gomes.  I love the throwback uniform Ortiz is wearing and the photo of Felix Doubront as well.

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  1. Glad you liked everything! Let's trade again soon!