Thursday, April 4, 2013

Pack Break 04/04

Today I needed some envelopes for mailing stuff and the cards were calling to me again.  I purchased a rack pack of Gypsy Queen.  One Red Sox card, but it was a decent one:
A Red Sox Hall of Famer is nothing to sneeze at.

Here is the breakdown of the rest:
White Border: Kaline, Soriano, Buehrle
SP: Mazeroski
Mini: Profar RC, Kelly RC, Slaughter
No-Hitters: Hernandez (I have doubles of this now)
Glove Stories: Werth

Everything is for trade, except Jim Rice.


  1. The Gypsy Queen Set from Topps this year looks real dope and the set looks pretty solid, defintley buying into that set this year. Thats a great card My dad is a huge Redsox fan and tells me stories about going to Fenway and watching Jim Rice play its his favorite player.....Love the Blog btw even though I'm a Marlins fan lol Checkout my blog i'll be showing off some of my collection soon Feel Free to join the site.

  2. Thanks for the comment. Glad to see someone out there reading this.