Thursday, April 25, 2013

High End Mailday 04/25

I got a lot of stuff in today.  I had a busy weekend on ebay.  I probably will not be doing much buying for awhile after that one, but there was a lot of good stuff to bid on.  I don't do a lot of high-end buying, but I made an exception this weekend.  That will be very rare.

A bunch of these packages had some extra cards thrown in which I always appreciate.  This is the first scan of some extras:
I have most of these except for the Jeffrey Wendelken and Nathan Minnich, so I am happiest about those two.  The other three are tradebait.

As I mentioned those are throw-ins along with this card:
This is easily my best Clay Buchholz card.  I had a few jersey cards and one autograph previously but this is an autograph with three patch pieces, including a three-colored patch.  Excellent looking card.

The next card is another pitcher, Felix Doubront.  I showed off my Jonny Gomes Hometown Currency relic earlier.  Doubront is a player I targeted because I knew that he would have a foreign coin from Venezuela.  Here it is:

Up next is a triple jersey and autograph of Daniel Bard, who was just recently recalled by Boston.  This is from the Triple Threads set from 2011.  Unfortunately Bard has hit a few bumps in the road lately.

Here are some more throw-ins.  The Dustin Pedroia/Josh Beckett is new, everything else is tradebait.

Those throw-ins came with the following three cards:
Sorry for the scan, my computer did not want to save the cropped picture for reasons that make no sense to me whatsoever.  Anyway, I did not have a Jason Bay autograph card from his Red Sox time or a Coco Crisp autograph.  I love that Crisp card.  I had never seen anything like it before.  The Adrian Beltre manufactured bat barrel is pretty cool too.  I had a Robinson Cano that I got in a pack but sold it of course.  

Next is the #1 card on my Most Wanted list, the super-short-printed James Loney from last year's Topps Update.  This is likely to be Loney's only Red Sox card ever.

Next we have some more throw-ins that came with Loney.  These are all available for trade, I think.  I need to check on the Williams Chasing History to be sure.

Finally, my biggest Adrian Gonzalez card so far, a Triple Threads red patch card numbered to just 18.

Quite the mailday today.

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