Saturday, June 10, 2023

Wong Mailday

I ran out of creative titles right now.  It hasn't been the best day as I am writing this, but at least I have cards to show off.

In something of a steal, I managed to acquired both the Stadium Club Members Only and Stadium Club Chrome Xfractor in a trade on TCDB for one Ronald Acuna insert card.  Not even an exceptionally rare one.  The Members Only card is the big surprise here.  I had not seen this card on Ebay prior to winning it.  That has since changed, but with a $50.00 starting bid.  These were one per case.  They do not tend to sell for a lot, but they are exceedingly rare.  

Keeping with the Stadium Club theme, here is the Green Refractor.  

This is the Purple Refractor of the Topps Chrome 1987 Silver Pack card.  I had to try to acquire this a couple of times.  I bought it once and the seller figured out he had sold it already.  I have no idea why this keeps happening with this collection.  Luckily I did not have to wait long for another copy to pop up.

Here is the Orange Refractor Finest Autograph which gets me one step closer to the rainbow.  I highly doubt I will ever track them all down, but I am closer.

And closing things out is the Panini Mosaic Green Fluorescent, which is numbered to ten.  I have seen this card pop up twice in two weeks.  Hopefully the Orange will pop up again some day soon.


  1. I can't tell if that green fluorescent looks ugly or great. Might depend on how much I can justify it being because a Boston card is using Celtics colors.