Friday, June 9, 2023

Macho Macho Man

I was Zippy-Zapped recently.  I knew this one was coming.  Masataka Yoshida has become common ground for that Yankees fan and I.  Yoshida is fun to watch, a truly great hitter so far in his career.  He sent me this Bowman rookie card, my first non-Topps Now card of him thus far.  I am sure things will pick up as the season goes on because he has definitely attracted notice.  He is even better than I thought he would be, and I had decent expectations for him.

Thanks Kenny!  I do have something for you going out this week.


  1. I'm half-tempted to start up a PC of him because his Major League debut was on my birthday...

  2. The last few games haven't gone in BOS' favor but Macho Man refusing to let the Guardians get him out has been extremely fun to watch. When he starts lifting the ball a little more and the balls go even farther it's going to be even more fun I bet.
    Glad you got the card. Don't like how Topps immediately started reusing this photo for cards in Series 2, but at least it's a start.

    1. It's not too much of a shock given how often they re-use photos. Hopefully as the year goes on there will be some more variety.