Friday, June 30, 2023

My First Reddit Trade

I determined that I am chasing someone with more Connor Wong cards than I have.  He doesn't know I am chasing him at this time.  He posted that he recently surpassed 300 cards.  When I started this collection, I would have said I would not hit that for a long time.  That does not seem crazy now.  The reason I bring him up is that I made a trade with him on Reddit.  He posted some Red Sox cards for trade, including a Connor Wong duplicate that I needed.  

This was the starting point:

1.  Panini Prizm Green Donut Circles.  Wong is struggling offensively a bit right now.  Some time off might help him.  He has not gotten as much rest lately due to the injury to Reese McGuire.

Then, the trade expanded:

2.  Trevor Story.  Story is working his way back from injury and may be ready in a few weeks.  His defense and bat will be welcome.

3.  Roger Clemens.  I like the fact that this card appears with the 1986 set design.  1986 was Clemens's coming-out party as an ace.  That was the year he struck out 20 batters in a game for the first time as well as winning the Cy Young and MVP awards.

4.  Jarren Duran.  Duran is climbing the stolen base leader chart.  I would not be surprised to see Adam Duvall traded to allow Duran to be the starter in center field.

5.  Alex Verdugo.  Boston's All Stars have yet to be announced, but I suspect Verdugo has a good chance of making it for the first time.

6.  Matt Strahm.  Strahm had a decent season in his only year in Boston.  He parlayed that into a good contract with the Phillies.

7.  Ted Williams.  This card celebrates first years in the Majors.  Williams had a great one, hitting .326/.436/.609 with 31 home runs and a league-leading 145 RBIs.  

8.  Ceddane Rafaela.  One of Boston's top prospects, Rafaela was recently promoted to AAA Worcester.  His defense would play in the Majors now and his bat looks great right now.  

9.  Manny Ramirez.  Ramirez's banner season according to this card was 2004, the year he won the World Series MVP in Boston's first World Championship since 1918.

10.  Hunter Renfroe.  The trade of Renfroe was pretty baffling, but the Red Sox got a couple of minor leaguers who are starting to show some promise.  A lot of "fans" on Twitter seem to only remember it being a one-for-one deal for Jackie Bradley Jr.

11.  Alex Binelas.  Binelas was one of those players acquired for Renfroe.  He hit 25 home runs last season, but had a low batting average.  The other player was David Hamilton who is currently in the Majors and impressing with his speed.

12.  Miguel Bleis.  Unfortunately Bleis's development was dealt a serious blow with a season-ending injury.  He was really coming into his own as a top prospect.


  1. I wonder if the other Wong collector(s) are also going after his Dodgers era stuff too.

    1. This particular one does collect the Dodgers stuff.