Monday, June 5, 2023

Rumors of This Collection Slowing Down Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Who started saying that anyway?

This post is going to be large.  Buckle up.

Up first is the Gypsy Queen Blue parallel.  The seller included some random extras.  I always enjoy those, especially when they result in a card I need, like this Martin Perez card.  I always liked Perez during his time with Boston.  Too bad he was not as good as he has been since returning to Texas.

Up next is the Panini Mosaic Rookie Autographs Choice Fusion Red and Yellow Mosaic.  That's a mouthful.  This is only my second parallel of this card.  

Topps Chrome Rookie Autograph Gold Refractor.  I had to buy this card twice.  I originally bought it for a great deal on Mercari, but the seller never responded to me, which is sort of a problem on that site.  So I had to get it on Ebay, but it cost more.  That was annoying.

Stadium Club Black Foil.  The Stadium Club photo is one of the few that is not repeated in any other set, unless you count Stadium Club Chrome. 

Panini Prizm Rookie Autographs Burgundy Cracked Ice.  This, on the other hand, is a photo that appears A LOT.  It's already the second time we have see it in this post.  And there will be more.  That is one thing I am looking forward to as he has seen more playing time.

Donruss Optic Rookie Autographs Cracked Ice Black.  See?  This is the third time we have seen it in this post.

Panini Chronicles Rookies and Stars Gold.  This is a great photo, one of my favorites, though it does appear in a few sets.  It is not nearly as over-used.  Plus, you can't tell Panini does not have a license here.  This is serial-numbered to just ten.

Panini Mosaic Mosaic parallel and base.  I grabbed these two from the same seller.  I was supposed to get the base card awhile ago in a lot that included the Orange Fluorescent Mosaic parallel, but the seller never sent the cards and never responded to messages.  That seller has been getting nothing but negative feedback for the last month, so I am not alone.  The base was easy to find again.  I have yet to find the Orange Fluorescent though.  It was numbered to 25, so I would think another will show up some day.  Hopefully.

Topps 582 Montgomery.  Now this is one of those cards that is special just because of a stamp on it.  Still, it's another Wong card.

Donruss Optic Rookie Autographs Green Mojo Prizm.  Did I miss a meeting when we decided this design means "Mojo"?  Panini is not the only one to do it, Bowman does too.

Topps Independence Day.  Honestly, I'm a little disappointed that last year's Independence Day parallel design was just some red stars on the sides of the card.  In years past, it has been a full design in the background of the card.  This just feels kind of lazy.

Stadium Club 1992 rookie design variation.  This is a card I have been looking for since I started this collection.  I did not realize how rare it was until I targeted it.  I eventually found it by searching for a misspelling of his first name.  Sometimes you get deals that way.  It was probably my number one target other than the two cards I never received and haven't been able to find again.

Bowman Sterling Red Refractor.  Numbered to just five, this is one of the rarest cards in my collection to date.  I do have two 1/1s and a card numbered to two.

Topps Chrome Orange Wave Refractor.  I was a bit surprised when I won this.  It was the subject of a bidding war for awhile and I threw in a barely serious bid with about 30 seconds left and barely won it.

Topps Chrome Sonic Edition Gold RayWave Refractor.  Sonic is one of the more unique sets.  Just a Chrome knockoff, the parallels are surprisingly interesting.  This is not one of the best ones but it is still pretty cool.

Bowman Purple.  There is also a Purple Pattern, which is SLIGHTLY different on the border.  Why?  Who knows?

Panini Select Tie-Dye.  This is serial-numbered to 20.  Definitely one of the more outlandishly colorful parallels so far.  

Panini Absolute Rookie Threads Retail Red.  There are still basic swatch relics out there.  Not nearly as many as the mid-2000's though.

Panini Diamond Kings Artist's Proof Gold.  Yet another one of the same pose, but I still love the Diamond Kings cards.

Bowman Blue Pattern.  Again, there is also a regular Blue.  Strange.

Donruss Optic Quantum Prizm.  How they decided on Quantum for a parallel idea, I have no idea.  How this represents "Quantum", I have even less of an idea.

Topps Pristine Orange Refractor.  This is not quite the same photo, but it is so close as to be basically the same one.  His left leg is not quite as high.

Topps Gallery Green.  There is also a Green Pattern parallel.  This is another picture that does not appear in other sets.

Bowman Green.  There is also a Neon Green parallel, which I already have.

Topps Foilboard Retail.  There is also a Foilboard Hobby.  The only differences seem to be the serial number and a slightly different pattern.

Topps Chrome Sonic Edition Yellow Green Pulse Refractor.  This is one of the better Sonic parallels.

Panini Mosaic Green Mosaic.  There has been a lot of green over the last few cards.

Panini Prizm Bronze Donut Circles.  Yep, Donut Circles.  Quite the parallel.  

So, with all of these cards, I have now taken over the top spot on TCDB for Connor Wong collectors.  That does not mean there is not someone else out there, but I on top there.  Wong is also currently the second-largest active player in my collection.  At the rate I am going on this collection, it may not take much longer before he overtakes Rafael Devers. 

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