Friday, June 16, 2023

A Couple Wong Optics

I have been trying to limit the Wong posts if I can, trying to put as many together as I can.  I tend to post cards in the order I receive them.  So, when I get a card that breaks up the string of Wong cards, then there is a different post.  This post is a short one because there is a non-Wong card coming for tomorrow.  It just so happens that both of the cards for today come from Donruss Optic.

Here is yet another of those patriotic Prizm parallels.  There are a number of these, as I have said.  I have the Liberty, Freedom, Spirit of '76 and now, this Red, White & Blue.  There is also an Eagle Prizm, but that is a 1/1.

And here is the Black Prizm Autograph card.  This is now my sixth Rated Rookie Signature card.  

That's it for now.  As usual, more to come.

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