Saturday, December 31, 2022

Topps Series One Zippy Zapping

I was Zapped a couple of times this last year.  I need to repay the favor at some point soon.  This was the first time and it resulted in a couple of base singles I needed:

1.  Eduardo Rodriguez.  I was extremely disappointed when E-Rod left Boston.  I have been a pretty big fan of his since his debut.  He emerged as a very good pitcher in 2019 and he had a sneaky good season in 2021.  With Boston he was 64-39 with a 4.16 ERA and 892 strikeouts in 947.2 innings pitched.  His best season in 2019 saw him win 19 games, strike out 213 batters in just 203.1 innings pitched and finish sixth in the Cy Young vote.

2.  Connor Wong.  I have talked several times about Wong recently.  Hopefully he can break out in 2023.

Thanks Kenny!  I promise to get something out soon.


  1. No worries on the return, just happy these got to go to a home that would appreciate them and actually needed them. Happy New Year MA.