Thursday, June 6, 2013

I Could Not Wait Any Longer...

I am waiting on cards from a group break with Nachos Grande, but after seeing boxes in Wal-Mart I really wanted to try my luck at it.  I figured there would still be plenty of cards available in that group break, that one little blaster would not completely mess things up.  So I bought one.
1.  Mike Greenwell SP.  Boy I have been having some pretty decent luck with Red Sox cards in packs.  It seems like every blaster has one Red Sox insert or parallel or short print.  This time I got the short-printed Mike Greenwell card.  Greenwell was a favorite player for several years in the early 1990's.  He was also originally going to have an autograph in the Fan Favorites set from 2003, but did not.  He has one this year though and I definitely need to find one.

2.  Brock Holt.  This is the only card of a new acquisition in this year's set.  No Shane Victorino.  No Mike Napoli.  No Ryan Dempster.  No Stephen Drew.  Brock Holt, who will likely never actually play for Boston.  Weird.  Plus, it's clearly shopped.

3.  Jon Lester.  Probably the same picture from last year's Heritage set.

4.  Jacoby Ellsbury.  After stealing five bases in one game, Ells promptly got hurt and has not played since.  

These are all tradebait for Red Sox inserts/parallels/whathaveyou, preferably from this set or my wantlist, but will consider anything.  I have been very lucky with Autographs/Relics this year as well.  The Kevin Mitchell is more proof of that.  Of course Mitchell played for Boston very briefly, but not enough to get a Fan Favorites auto.  I would love to turn this into one of the Red Sox autos from this set, preferably Boyd, but would consider anyone.

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