Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Card from the Vault and Other Pickups

I placed one of those barely serious bids on ebay a little while back on a lot of 10 redemptions from Topps Archives that could be traded in for foil-wrapped vintage cards.  I did not look too carefully at them or I may not have done it.  I did not realize you had to trade them in within a two week period.  Luckily there is a card shop nearby that participated in the promotion so Monday morning I went over there.  I was pretty disappointed that he was holding all of the foil-wrapped vintage cards for people who pulled the cards in his store, but he did let me trade one in. 

Well, after opening the package, I found that I got the exact type of card I would have been looking for in the first place.  I had one shot at getting something reasonable and BEHOLD:
1957 Topps Tom Brewer.  What are the odds?  I had one shot and I not only pulled a Red Sox card, but a card from 1957.  It does not matter that I could not redeem all of those cards.  This one card is well worth it.

I also bought the factory team set from 2012 while I was there.  I figured I needed to spend something while there.

I was pretty happy.

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