Thursday, February 2, 2023


I feel like I have been doing way too many Topps Now posts lately.  Unfortunately, due to the retail scarcity most of the year, Topps Now made up most of my card buys in 2022.  One day though I went on a binge of buying a bunch of singles.  And this was the result:

1.  Enrique Hernandez.  Hernandez was kind of my focus in these buys, as will be seen.  I decided I needed a few more cards of the 2021 postseason hero.  So, this Topps Pristine card was the first buy.

2.  Jose Canseco.  This is a Topps Now Turn Back the Clock card that I had to grab because there are not many Canseco cards with the Red Sox these days.  This one commemorates Canseco hitting five home runs in five games in August, 1995.  Had he not gotten hurt in 1996, Canseco might have had one of his greatest seasons.  He hit .289/.400/.589 with 28 home runs and 82 RBIs in just 96 games.  

3.  Kyle Schwarber.  Schwarber will go down as one of Boston's best trade deadline acquisitions.  He was hurt when he was picked up, but hit seven home runs and had a .435 OBP.  He was good in the postseason too.

4.  Dennis Eckersley.  Eck retired from the Red Sox booth last year.  He had some great years as a starter with the Red Sox.  It's nice to see Eck shown with the Red Sox.  Like Canseco, his best years were with the Athletics.

5.  Enrique Hernandez.  Here is #2 of Hernandez, this one from Donruss which was pretty good to me in packs, but I only managed to get two blasters all year.

6.  Nathan Eovaldi.  Another base card from Donruss that eluded me.  Eovaldi will be missed in the rotation this season.  

7.  Marwin Gonzalez.  Here we come to a couple of the 2021 Topps Chrome Platinum Anniversary cards.  This was a huge team set that I am still working on.  Gonzalez did not do much in Boston, and accordingly he didn't get many cards, so I had to grab this one.

8.  Enrique Hernandez.  And we close things out with Hernandez #3.

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  1. Yeah, retail scarcity and limited funds usually put me in a bind. My local antique mall has some cheap junk wax which is always fun to rip if I get the itch. Been enjoying your Topps Now posts though.