Saturday, January 14, 2017

Who Will Be Boston's Catcher in 2017?

My guess is that it will be this guy right here.  I just got this card, which is an image variation short print of Blake Swihart's Topps Update rookie card, in a one-for-one trade that I am very happy about.  Swihart still has options left so he will likely start the season off in the minors.  But he is the best hitter of the three available options, which includes Christian Vazquez and Sandy Leon.  In 84 games in his rookie season, Swihart hit .274/.319/.392 with five home runs and 31 RBIs, but he was terrific down the stretch, hitting .303/.353/.452 in the second half.  Swihart was rushed somewhat to the Majors as a result of poor catching options in the Majors.  He had not spent much time at AAA by the time he was called to the Majors.  His career hit a snag in 2016, but he still hit .258/.365/.355.  I expect Swihart to start the season in Pawtucket, but I do not think he will be there long and then he will be called back to Boston, to re-start his career as Boston's catcher of the future.


  1. actually set up a poll asking the same question about two weeks ago. FWIW, 50% of their readers seem to agree with you:

  2. I saw that. I actually wrote this post just before the poll went up. That's how far ahead my posting is right now.

  3. I agree Swihart has the most upside offensively..with a little work I think he will be above average defensively.,,the problem with Vasquez is I don't think he will ever hit well enough.