Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A Bryce Brentz Mailday

A recent trade package brought me a really cool card of Bryce Brentz.  Yes, Bryce Brentz.  
The first and third cards are Craig Kimbrel and a Sepia Refractor of Mookie Betts, both legitimate players.  But that middle card is the interesting one.  It is a multi-swatch game-used and autographed card of Bryce Brentz.  Brentz has played in 34 games over two non-consecutive seasons with Boston.  He had a little bit more playing time last year when Boston was desperate for a left-fielder and did hit his first career Major League home run.  The card features three different colored swatches, including a green one which I assume was worn during a St. Patrick's day game.  It is a pretty nice looking card of a player who ultimately may not have much of a career with the Red Sox.

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