Sunday, January 8, 2017

Ebay Roundup

I came back from the New Year's holiday to find a number of small packages from some recent Ebay buys in my mailbox.  Nothing huge here, but some kind of fun stuff:
1.  Will Middlebrooks.  This is a short-printed card and I love the picture.  Middlebrooks was ultimately a disappointment, but he had some good moments, and this shot is amazing.

2.  Carlos Peguero.  I was shocked Peguero received a card in 2015 Topps Update.  He played in just four games and had a run and a hit.  This is the snow camo parallel of his only Red Sox card, and just my second Peguero card.

3.  Keith Foulke.  I picked up two Flyball inserts.  Foulke was the closer for the 2004 team and may have deserved the World Series MVP over Manny Ramirez.

4.  Mark Bellhorn.  Bellhorn is the unfortunate holder of the Red Sox single-season strikeout record with 177.  Despite that, he had a decent season, hitting .264/.373/.444 with 17 home runs and 82 RBIs.

5.  Xander Bogaerts/Brendan Rogers.  Xander is making a late push against Jackie Bradley Jr. for 100 cards.  He is now at 96 with JBJ at 98.

6.  Mel Parnell.  I discovered to my dismay that I did not have the Parnell card from 1991 Topps Archives.  So I had to rectify that and get this card.

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