Monday, January 23, 2017

Bowman Color Refractor Trade

I sent a bunch of Sandy Alomar Jr. doubles and other Indians cards to a guy for a couple of Bowman Chrome color refractors of players who were on the 2013 World Championship team.  I was pretty happy with this trade, mostly because of the orange refractor (numbered to 25) of Jon Lester there.  That was the highlight of the trade and I almost was not able to get it.  The other party originally just wanted to sell it until I sweetened the deal with the Alomar doubles.  I probably gave up a little much, but I am okay with moving duplicates.  The Middlebrooks card is numbered to 150.  His signature printed on the card looks like it is written in Arabic.  Neither player is currently with the Red Sox, but both were important for the 2013 team.  I am definitely pleased with the Lester card.  I don't usually buy lower-numbered cards like this (of players other than Jason Varitek), so adding one through trade is pretty thrillling.

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