Monday, January 30, 2017

All This for $10.00

A member on one of the trading forums that I frequent was selling a Red Sox lot for $10.00 delivered.  I took one look at it and jumped on it.  The below scan shows just the cards that I did not already have.  There were a few duplicates but none terribly exciting.
1.  2008 SPx Clay Buchholz.  This card alone makes this lot worthwhile.  This is an autographed rookie card of Buchholz, who spent ten years as a Red Sox starting pitcher, some good, some bad, and mostly frustrating.

2.  1970 Topps Gary Peters.  Ah, air-brushing.  Peters was a very good starting pitcher for the White Sox during the 1960's and had a couple of decent seasons with the Red Sox in 1970 and 1971.  He was 16-11 with a 4.06 ERA in 1970.

3.  2016 Bowman's Best Mirror Image Xander Bogaerts/Dansby Swanson.  With this card, Bogaerts becomes the second member of Boston's Killer B's to make it to 100 cards in my collection.

4.  2009 Upper Deck Ballpark Collection Quad Materials Jonathan Papelbon/Manny Ramirez/Travis Hafner/Victor Martinez.  I was a little disappointed when I saw this card.  Manny is listed as being with the Dodgers and has a Dodgers logo on the back.  Therefore only Papelbon gets credit in my Red Sox collection for this card.  Still a nice card though.

5.  2007 SP Legendary Cuts When it was a Game Jim Rice.  One of the more recent Red Sox Hall of Famers.  Rice's 1978 season was one of the greatest offensive seasons of Red Sox history as he accumulated a staggering 406 total bases.  At the time, it was the most total bases in a season since Joe DiMaggio had 418 in 1937.

6.  2007 SP Legendary Cuts Legendary Lineage Joe Cronin.  Another Red Sox Hall of Famer.  Cronin was a rare power-hitting shortstop during the 1930's and 1940's.  Defensively he was probably better suited to playing third base, but when you are also the manager, you get to make the calls.

7.  2014 Topps Supreme Styling Garin Cecchini.  Definitely the most obscure player in the lot, but probably my favorite card.  Cecchini's Major League career consists of just 13 games over two seasons in 2014 and 2015.  He was once a top prospect in Boston's system, but he has likely hit his ceiling at this point.

I thought this was a pretty good buy for $10.00.


  1. Two relics, two auto, a vintage, etc. I think you did well.