Sunday, February 4, 2024

Three Packages in One Scan

It was easier to just do all three of these packages together.  They were all individual Ebay items that I bought from different sellers.

1.  Triston Casas.  This is the Black Gold insert.  I was supposed to get this in a trade on TCDB, in fact it was the card that started the trade for me, but the other party, after agreeing to the trade, informed me he did not have it.  So, I went the Ebay route and grabbed it.

2.  Adrian Beltre.  I bought two Beltre cards after his election to the Hall of Fame.  This was the second one.  There are not a ton of them still out there, primarily parallels of cards I already have and some really high-end relics/autos.  That makes sense for a player who was only in Boston for a year.  Still, hopefully there will be some more made in the future.

3.  Ike Delock.  I grabbed some random vintage cards from one seller.  Delock came very close to spending his entire eleven-season career with the Red Sox, except for seven games at the very end with Baltimore.  At his best, he was a versatile and solid pitcher.  His best season was 1958 when he had a 14-8 record with a 3.38 ERA in 31 games (19 starts).  He had two saves that year.  His career high was eleven.  Delock finished 83-72 with a 4.01 ERA with the Red Sox.

4.  Gene Conley.  Conley was famous for two things during his playing career, neither of which helped the Red Sox that much.  He was also an NBA player and he once walked off the team bus and bought tickets to fly to Israel.  He had an eleven-year career with his last three seasons for the Red Sox.  He was a three-time All Star, but none of those came in Boston.

5.  Ike Delock.  Yes, I got two cards of Delock.

6.  Tris Speaker.  Speaker is one of six members of the 3,000 hit club to have played with Boston, and the first to have done so.  Only Carl Yastrzemski accomplished the feat while playing for Boston.

7.  Josh Winckowski.  Winckowski was the primary return in the Andrew Benintendi trade and finally looks to be justifying that deal.  Last season, he went 4-4 with a 2.88 ERA (158 ERA+) that was somewhat bloated due to overuse later on.  He pitched 84.1 innings, saving three games while striking out 82 and walking 31.  He is a big part of the bullpen coming in to 2024.

8.  Gene Stephens.  Stephens is primarily known for collecting three hits in one inning in a game on June 18, 1953.  The Red Sox beat the Tigers 23-3.  Stephens had his three hits in the seventh inning in which Boston scored 17 runs.  He had two singles and a double.  On the day, he had three hits in six at-bats, driving in three and scoring three times.  He played eight years in Boston hitting .247/.327/.362 with 24 home runs and 149 RBIs.  He was primarily a backup to Ted Williams.  Not to be confused with Vern Stephens.

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