Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Living Set: Mo Vaughn

It is so cool to see so many Mo Vaughn cards being made lately.  I said recently I have been feeling kind of nostalgic about Mo Vaughn, an early favorite player of mine.  Vaughn was a rookie the year I started watching baseball, so I kind of felt like I grew up watching him.  Plus, he was SUCH a great hitter during his time in Boston.  I had difficulties seeing Wade Boggs, Roger Clemens and Mike Greenwell leave Boston, but I think the one that really hurt the most was Mo Vaughn.  He is someone who really should have spent his entire career in Boston.  


  1. Mo Vaughn's father, Leroy Vaughn, appeared on the 1956 Topps Baltimore Colts team football card, though I don't believe he ever played in the regular season. If you squint, you can see him in the back row, #46. https://www.footballcardgallery.com/card/56t/48/1956-topps-baltimore-colts-team/

  2. Got the Mo Vaughn for my Living Set collection as well. Always liked watching tye big fella hit.