Saturday, February 24, 2024

2001 Fleer Red Sox 100th Pt. 14: Pedro Martinez

NAME: Pedro Martinez

POSITION: Starting Pitcher

WHY IS HE HERE?:  One of just a few active players in the set, Martinez had only been in Boston for three years by the time this was released, but won the Cy Young Award twice and finished second in the other season.  He was an All Star all three seasons and finished second in the MVP vote in 1999 as well as winning the All Star Game MVP.  He led the league in wins once, and ERA and strikeouts twice while setting a new team record in strikeouts in a season with 313 in 1999.  That record still stands.  

WOULD I PUT HIM IN IN 2001?:  Yes.  It was just three seasons at that point, but they were amazing seasons and he was already putting up some of the best numbers by any pitcher in team history.

ANY BETTER CHOICES IN 2001?:  All of the better choices are already in the set. 

WOULD I PUT HIM IN NOW?:  Absolutely.  He didn't win another Cy Young Award, though he deserved at least one, but he only added to his legacy, helped the team win a World Series and entered the Hall of Fame with a Red Sox cap on his plaque.

ANY BETTER CHOICES NOW?:  Again, the only better choices (and that's a debate) are already in the set.  There really was no one like Pedro Martinez from 1998-2004.

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