Wednesday, February 7, 2024

More Mailday Madness

Buckle up, this could be a long post.  I have not decided how many packages I am going to put in this post.  I have a long way to go to catch up.  

1.  Fred Lynn.  This package is filled to the brim with oddballs.  This is a 1976 Hostess card of Lynn, one of my favorite oddball sets, next to Kellogg's.  Lynn is one of the few players in this package that is not a Hall of Famer, though there is an argument for his inclusion.

2.  Joe Cronin.  This is a Cramer Baseball Legends card.  I have a few of these as well.  It is kind of an underrated oddball set in my opinion.

3.  Carlton Fisk.  The Star Stickers were kind of an interesting set for the first few years of Fleer.  

4.  Carl Yastrzemski.  This is from the All Star Glossy set from 1983.  Yaz was an All Star for the final time in 1983, also his last season.  He had some great moments in All Star games and was the 1970 game's MVP.

5.  Wade Boggs.  These next three cards are stickers for a book.

6.  Wade Boggs.

7.  Carl Yastrzemski.

8.  Jim Rice.  Here is a card from Quaker.  I missed most of the days when cards were in almost everything.  Those days need to come back.

9.  Wade Boggs.  For instance, this is a Kraft card.

10.  Wade Boggs.  And this one from Kmart.

11.  Roger Clemens.  And this one is a French's mustard card.  I am a bit confused as to how this might have been available.  Were they attached to mustard bottles?  

12.  Wade Boggs.  This is a Donruss Spirit of the Game card.  I had never seen these before.  

13.  Jose Canseco.  For the first several years I was collecting, I used to have a number of players that I collected somewhat passively.  One of the rules I had was that I had to stop collecting them if they went to the Red Sox.  Canseco was the first player I had to stop collecting under that rule.

14.  Mo Vaughn.  I have mentioned previously that I am considering a collecting goal for Mo Vaughn.  For some reason I have been feeling nostalgic for Vaughn's career lately.  He was such a great hitter at the time he was in Boston.

15.  Mo Vaughn.

16.  Mo Vaughn.

17.  Mo Vaughn.

18.  Trot Nixon.  Nixon is one of three players I had jerseys of when I was growing up.  It was a gift from my girlfriend at the time.  Vaughn and Nomar Garciaparra were the others.

19.  Donnie Sadler.  I had high hopes for Sadler as a prospect but he did not pan out.

20.  Brian Daubach.  Daubach did not appear in nearly enough sets when he was playing.  This was as a result of being one of the replacement players in 1995 while the players were on strike.  Daubach was thus not eligible to be a member of the Players Association and, as most card companies had deals with the Players Association, replacement players were not able to have cards made.  Only Topps had agreements with individual players, which is why they were able to make cards of players like Daubach and Kevin Millar.

21.  Pedro Martinez.  Here is another player I am expecting to get a lot of cards of as I continue to make deals on TCDB.

22.  Narciso Crook.  This is a zero-year card.  Crook did not play in the Majors with Boston this year and is a minor league free agent.

1.  Tommy Pham.  I liked Pham during the brief time he was with Boston in 2022.  There are some rumblings he could be brought back for some right-handed power.  I would be okay with that.

2.  Luis Tiant.  There needs to be a lot more Tiant cards.  Easily one of my favorite players that I never actually got to watch.

3.  Justin Turner.  Unfortunately Turner has left Boston.  Be ready for a One-Year Wonder post.

4.  Dustin Pedroia.  Pedroia will be on the Hall of Fame ballot next year.  He has an interesting case.  Had he not gotten injured, he might have a really good case.

5.  Tim Wakefield.  Wakefield might be another player I target this year.  I suspect Boston might retire his number.  

6.  Rafael Devers.  Devers is another player I might do a collecting goal of.  I'm thinking 500 cards.  That might be too much of a reach though.

1.  Bill Lee.  I had to grab this card.  Lee does not appear very often in sets.  This is just a cool card.

2.  Tim Wakefield.  Wakefield appeared several times in Panini sets in 2023.

3.  David Ortiz/Rafael Devers.  Devers is like Ortiz in one aspect, he is a very good hitter in the postseason.  He has hit .303/.382/.573 with eight home runs and 26 RBIs in 26 games.

4.  Triston Casas.  Yet another player for a collecting goal consideration.  It was recently announced the Red Sox would be followed by a Netflix documentary crew.  I really think Casas would be one player who would benefit from that.  He has a very big personality and could be a lot of fun to watch.

5.  Jim Rice.  This is another cool Panini card, particularly since you can't tell there's no MLB license.

6.  Joe Cronin.  I once did a school project on Joe Cronin.  We had to read a biography and do a presentation dressed as that person.  I often combined my school projects with my interest in baseball.  Kevin Millar and Nomar Garciaparra were also subjects.

7.  Johnny Pesky.  I actually love the way Panini has been incorporating past players.  There are several interesting players in this post alone.  Still, I would like to see them branch out even further.

8.  Hirokazu Sawamura.  I liked Sawamura.  When he was on, he was almost unhittable with a slider that the bottom completely dropped out of.  

9.  Trevor Story.  If Story can get back to his pre-injury form, he could have a terrific season.  A 20/20 season is not outside the realm of possibility.

10.  Trevor Story.

11.  Trevor Story.

12.  Garrett Whitlock.  Whitlock has been missing in card sets for awhile.  He has not been nearly as successful as his 2021 rookie season, but he is still an important part of the Red Sox pitching staff.  

13.  Tanner Houck.  Houck and Whitlock will be competing for the fifth starter spot, unless Boston miraculously signs someone soon.

I will call it for tonight.  There is a lot more coming.

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  1. Nice mixed assortment of cards.
    As for Devers collecting, why not set a 331 goal and then see how things go from there?