Tuesday, February 27, 2024

More Mailday Madness Pt. 7

Here we go again.  Let's get into this, shall we?  Not all of these are trades, there are a couple of Ebay buys in here.

1.  J.D. Martinez.  This was actually a one-card trade.  The person who offered it didn't have a lot of stuff but had a player collection of Jake Lamb and wanted one of my cards.  Even though it was such a small trade, I decided to do it.

2.  Eric Hosmer.  It occurs to me that I have not talked about Hosmer in the context of a One-Year Wonder post.  Not that he would possibly unseat Nick Esasky for One-Year Wonder First Baseman.  Hosmer played in just 14 games and hit .244/.320/.311 with no home runs and just four RBIs.  

3.  Tanner Houck.  I firmly believe Houck has the stuff to be a closer.  He also seems to have the mentality to do it.  Let's see that happen.

4.  Mo Vaughn/Fred Lynn.  Two Red Sox MVP winners separated by 20 years.  Lynn won in 1975 when he was also the Rookie of the Year and Vaughn won it in 1995.  

1.  Tanner Houck.

2.  Jarren Duran.

3.  Tris Speaker.  Speaker holds the all-time career record in doubles with 792.  His career high was 53 which he accomplished in 1912.  

4.  Trevor Story.

5.  Roger Clemens.  One of these days maybe Clemens will get into the Hall of Fame.  

6.  Alex Verdugo.

7.  Rafael Devers.  This is one of those manufactured patch things.  I don't tend to focus much on these.  I get them in trades but rarely buy them on my own.

I turned down a trade offer that had this cool Dwight Evans insert in it because the other party made a comment about requiring cards in near-mint condition.  I refuse to make any guarantees about condition because some people are too nitpicky, so the trade didn't work.  The other card in the deal was a Bowman prospect autograph of someone who seems less than likely to make the Majors.  I really wanted the Evans card though so I tracked it down on Ebay.

This is my first relic of Kenley Jansen.  I usually like to get these All Star Stitches cards, particularly with a player who would be new.  I do have to say I strongly dislike the fact that the All Star games do not feature players wearing their team uniforms any more.  

This was a pretty good trade I think.  I got the Independence Day parallel of Reese McGuire, serial-numbered to 76 in exchange for an Aaron Judge parallel.  

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