Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Red Sox in the All Star Game

It is time for the yearly wrap-up of the All Star Game.  I have mentioned multiple times in the past that the All Star Game used to be my favorite event of the baseball season.  This was prior to Boston contending for the postseason year after year.  I used to love everything about the All Star Game.  Any more, I barely watch the game.  I did watch all the way through last night for the first time in the last few years.

Boston had three All Stars and while each player played reasonably well, no one really stood out all that much.

Sale started the game, the first time a pitcher has started consecutive All Star Games with different teams.  He pitched the first two innings and struck out two without allowing a run, but he did give up three hits.

Betts was not elected by the fans, but he started the game anyway in center field as a result of Mike Trout's injury.  Betts batted ninth in the lineup and played the first five innings of the game.  He had two at-bats, but did not collect a hit.  His best play was in the outfield when he caught a long fly ball to deep center and then threw in to second and caught Nolan Arenado who, for reasons unknown, was trying to advance on the play.

Kimbrel got credit for the win by pitching a scoreless inning in the ninth.  He struggled with his command though and walked two batters, but he also struck out two.


  1. All three played well, and did Red Sox nation proud. I'm still slightly disappointed Xander got snubbed.

  2. I was too. I voted for him for the final spot.

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