Friday, July 7, 2017

In Honor of the Draft Signing Deadline...

...Here is my very first card of the Red Sox 2016 top draft pick, Jason Groome:
I picked this one up in a trade.  Groome is Boston's top pitching prospect and they were very lucky that he fell to them in the draft last year.  Boston had the 12th overall pick and Groome fell due to signability concerns and some minor makeup issues.  Groome has been injured a little this season, but he has impressed when he has been healthy.

This year's draft went reasonably well, and Boston was able to sign 32 of their 40 picks, which is an astonishing amount.  However, not one of those players has the upside of Jason Groome up there.  Groome has the potential to develop into a top starting pitcher, and possibly be the best pitching prospect Boston has had since Jon Lester, at the very least.

1 comment:

  1. How many of those draftees will survive the Dombrowski era though?

    Jokes aside, nice card. Hopefully Groome's not just all hype like with Owens again.