Sunday, February 8, 2015

I Couldn't Wait

I'm weak.  I was at Wal Mart and saw blasters of the new Topps product.  I am already participating in the group break over at Nachos Grande, but I haven't opened anything myself in a while.  I knew there were some retail-only cards, so I talked myself into it.  It actually worked out:
1.  2015 Topps Inspired Play Yoenis Cespedes/Jim Rice.  I know this one is already coming my way, but it is always nice to pull a Red Sox insert from a pack.

2.  2015 Topps Highlight of the Year Nomar Garciaparra.  Same as above.

3.  2015 Topps Robbed Mookie Betts.  This is a retail-only card.  Very happy to pull it.

4.  2015 Topps Xander Bogaerts.  The Future Star subset.

5.  2015 Topps Daniel Nava.

So one card that I know at this time that I will not get a duplicate of when I receive my group break results.  Not too bad, but probably not enough to make up for buying the box.  But then, this happened:
That wasn't coming from the group break.  This is the retail-only, one-per-blaster manufactured medallion card of Dustin Pedroia commemorating his first home run.  I was thrilled to pull this card.  No more flagship blasters for me.  I have all I need with this and the Betts for the retail-only stuff.