Monday, February 9, 2015

Hey, A Couple of Wantlist Hits

I have actually been able to eliminate a few cards now and then from the wantlist.  This trade knocked two off, including one from my Top 10:
1.  2014 Topps Opening Day Superstar Celebrations Jonny Gomes.  Gomes had a few walkoff moments in 2013.  My favorite was when he drop-kicked his helmet.  This is from him tucking his helmet under his arm and running it it to home.

2.  2009 Topps Gold Jeff Bailey.  Bailey spent parts of three seasons with the Red Sox and never really did all that much in the Majors.  Prototypical AAAA player.

3.  2005 Diamond Kings Edgar Renteria.  This was on my Top 10 because I hate it when someone sends me the wrong card.  Now it is off.

4.  2003 Upper Deck Victory Trot Nixon.  Shockingly, a Nixon I did not have.  Card #232 of Trot.  Trot was one of my favorite players when he was active, particularly in 2001-2003.  I have a jersey of him from 2001, with the 100th Anniversary patch.  Nice gift from my then-girlfriend.

Not a bad little package.  I love the Superstar Celebrations one.


  1. Your picking up quite a bit of new sox lately.. How are you doing in Nachos break

  2. Got a hit, not a huge one but a Pedroia relic. Lots of inserts. I will send you some extras.