Friday, July 26, 2013

Red Sox With No Cards Pt. 8: Scott Atchison

This one bothers me.  Well, they all bother me a little bit.  But this one is pretty inexcusable in my eyes.  Scott Atchison pitched for three years in Boston and made it into 102 games.  He pitched 141.2 innings out of the bullpen and was often a very good pitcher.  I hate that he did not get a single card in those three years in Boston.

Atchison was originally acquired in 2007, but was sold to Japan.  He came back in 2009 after the season.  In 2010, he was 2-3 with a 4.50 ERA in 43 games.  He struck out 41 and walked 19 in 60 innings.  In 2011, he was up and down quite a bit and only pitched in 17 games, but he did have a 3.26 ERA.  Then in 2012, he was very good.  Atchison pitched in 42 games and 51.1 innings.  He had a sparkling ERA of 1.58 and struck out 36 versus just nine walks.  Atchison was let go after the season and signed with the Mets.  He has been pretty good this year for them too.

Now how did he get missed when the Update set came around?  See, this is why we need Topps Total back.

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