Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Massive Mailday

I recently completed a very large trade on the forums with another Red Sox fan.  It started off with his thread offering some higher-end cards for whatever cards he needed.  I picked out four cards to begin the trade:
1.  2011 Topps Throwback Manufactured Patch Adrian Gonzalez.  I still like getting good A-Gon cards, even if he is in L.A. these days.

2.  2010 Topps Update Cy Young.  This is one of the Legend short prints.  For some reason Topps put the Boston American franchise leaders in several categories.  Which is weird, because the Boston Americans are the Boston Red Sox.

3.  2012 Topps Update David Ortiz.  This is the short print version of this card.

4.  2011 Topps Hope Diamond Anniversary Josh Beckett.  I really wanted one of these parallels.  I had one card from a pack that was an Athletic, but it was traded a long time ago.  I finally added a Red Sox.  Even if it is Josh Beckett.  I just wanted one.

Most of the rest of the cards filled gaps in my collection.  But I am still very happy with every single one of them:
5.  1996 Ultra Alex Delgado.  I had no idea Delgado had another card.  I have the 1997 Pacific card, but that was the only one I was previously aware of.

6.  1996 Ultra Dwayne Hosey.  Hosey had a terrific stretch run in 1995 that got him the starting job in 1996, but he was not good enough to keep it.

7.  1996 Ultra Jose Malave.

8.  1996 Ultra Heathcliff Slocumb.  Slocumb actually had a WAR of 3.1 in 1996.  Pretty impressive for a closer.

9.  1996 Ultra Jeff Suppan.  Suppan was a highly touted prospect in 1996 but he did not really pan out, even though he did have a fairly long career.

10.  1996 Pinnacle Tom Gordon.  Gordon holds the team records for saves in a season.  I had the foil parallel of this previously.

11.  1996 Stadium Club Mike Stanton.  Not Giancarlo.  The other Mike Stanton.

12.  1996 Fleer Stan Belinda.

13.  1997 Fleer Jose Malave.
14.  1997 Fleer Tim Naehring.

15.  1998 Fleer Tradition Jeff Frye.  I like this shot.  Frye appears to be sliding into third just ahead of the throw.  You can see the ball coming in as well.

16.  1994 Donruss Danny Darwin.  Darwin had a great 1993 season that was completely unnoticed.  He lead the league in WHIP that season.

17.  1994 Ultra Paul Quantrill.  Quantrill had a long, successful career that included an All Star season in Toronto as a middle reliever.

18.  1994 Stadium Club Tony Fossas.  Fossas was the first LOOGY that I was aware of.  He last four seasons with the Red Sox and was a player I kind of liked that went under the radar.

19.  1994 Stadium Club Jeff McNeely.  McNeely was a speedy outfielder whose arrival was highly-anticipated for awhile.  He did not live up to it.

20.  1994 Stadium Club Danny Darwin.

21.  1994 Stadium Club Andre Dawson.  You can't go wrong with The Hawk, a Hall of Famer recently.  Though his best seasons were with the Expos and Cubs, Dawson's acquisition was really exciting to me when I was little.  

22.  1994 Stadium Club Greg Harris.
23.  1994 Stadium Club Andre Dawson/Tim Raines.  Both former outfielders with the Expos, both wearing Sox in this card.

24.  1994 Stadium Club Joe Hesketh.

25.  1994 Stadium Club Jeff Russell.  Russell took over as closer in 1993 and had a nice season, but disastrous in 1994.

26.  1994 Pacific Aaron Sele.  Coming off a season in which he was third in the AL ROY vote, Sele had a decent 1994, but injuries derailed his career.

27.  1994 Pacific Tim Naehring.

28.  1994 Pacific Mike Greenwell.

29.  1993 Donruss Scott Cooper.  Two-time All Star, believe it or not.  I recently had a discussion with someone online about whether he was a result of the every-team-represented rule.  I still think Boston had more deserving choices at other positions that could have been picked both years.  They just weren't.

30.  1993 Donruss Tony Fossas.

31.  1993 Donruss Scott Taylor.
32.  1993 Donruss Luis Rivera.

33.  1993 Donruss Billy Hatcher.  Hatcher had a rare straight steal of home for the Red Sox in 1992.

34.  1993 Donruss Tim Naehring.  He was highly-touted for years before finally settling in at third base in 1995, then suffered a career-ending knee injury in 1997.  Just bad luck.

35.  2009 Topps Allen & Ginter Justin Masterson.

36.  2009 Topps Heritage Takashi Saito.  Saito had a nice single season for Boston in 2009.

37.  2008 Upper Deck Timeline Justin Masterson.

38.  2008 Upper Deck Timeline Jonathan Van Every.  Van Every had a short stint in Boston which included an appearance on the pitching mound.

39.  2008 Upper Deck Timeline Chris Smith.  I like this card.  It is only my second card of Smith, who had a short stop in the majors with Boston.  This is the 1994 SP Diecut design.

40.  2008 Upper Deck Timeline Jacoby Ellsbury.  This is the 2004 Timeless Teams design.
41.  2008 Stadium Club Jason Bay.  I did not have much from 2008 Stadium Club.

42.  2007 Topps Update and Highlights Julian Tavarez.

43.  1995 Topps Wes Chamberlain.

44.  1995 Donruss Carlos Rodriguez.

45.  1995 Donruss Otis Nixon.  If not for the strike, Nixon would have bested Tommy Harper's club record for stolen bases.

46.  1995 Donruss Wes Chamberlain.  I love this shot too.  I wish I could figure out what is going on in it.

47.  1995 Donruss Andre Dawson.

48.  1995 Flair Mark Whiten.

49.  1995 Collector's Choice Rheal Cormier.  This was previously #3 on my Top 10 Most Wanted.  This card was only available as a mail-in offer.
50.  1996 Fleer Update Jose Malave.

51.  1996 Fleer Update Heathcliff Slocumb.

52.  1996 Pinnacle Aficionado Mike Stanley.

53.  1993 Select Update Scott Fletcher.

54.  1993 Select Update Scott Bankhead.

55.  1993 Leaf Scott Fletcher.

56.  1993 Stadium Club Frank Viola.

57.  1993 Pinnacle Carlton Fisk.  Nice Then & Now subset card here.

58.  1993 Pinnacle Joe Hesketh.
59.  1993 Pinnacle Jeff Russell.

60.  1993 Pinnacle Tim Naehring.

61.  1992 Conlon Smoky Joe Wood.  This card celebrates Wood's no-hitter.  I think he deserves another look for the Hall of Fame.

62.  1992 Conlon Dusty Cooke.  Cooke had a nice couple of seasons in Boston soon after Tom Yawkey took over.  It was a rare trade with the Yankees that worked out better for Boston.

63.  1992 Conlon Herb Pennock.  I am almost positive that this is the picture that was used for Pennock's Hall of Fame plaque.

64.  1992 Conlon Johnny Marcum.

65.  1992 Conlon Lou Finney.  Finney was an All Star in 1940 when he had a very good season for Boston.

66.  1992 Triple Play Greg Harris.  I finally got it.  What a great picture.
67.  1992 Pinnacle Matt Young.  That just looks painful.

68.  1992 Pinnacle Peter Hoy.

69.  1992 Pinnacle Mike Gardiner.

70.  1992 Pinnacle Joe Hesketh.

71.  1992 Pinnacle Luis Rivera.

72.  1991 Stadium Club Jeff Reardon.  I found I had a lot of holes from Stadium Club's first set.

73.  1991 Stadium Club Greg Harris.

74.  1991 Stadium Club Tom Brunansky.

75.  1991 Stadium Club Jeff Gray.  Gray had a very successful 1990 season and was doing well in 1991 before suffering a stroke.  His career was over.
76.  1991 Stadium Club Tim Naehring.

77.  1991 Stadium Club Luis Rivera.

78.  1991 Topps Archives 1953 Topps Dizzy Trout.  I would love to add the original card to my collection.  This is not bad for now.

79.  1990 Upper Deck Tom Brunansky.  I have no idea why I did not previously have this one.

80.  1990 Bowman Tony Pena.  Or this one.

81.  1993 Pinnacle Scott Fletcher.

82.  1981 Topps Traded Frank Tanana.  Acquired in a terrible trade in which Boston gave up Fred Lynn, Tanana had a bad year, was allowed to leave as a free agent, so Boston had nothing to show for losing Lynn.

83.  1981 Topps Traded Mark Clear.

84.  1981 Topps Traded Carney Lansford.  Also acquired in a trade with the Angels, this one was much better as Lansford won the batting title in 1981 while Rick Burleson suffered injuries and Butch Hobson's career was basically over.
86.  1981 Topps Traded Rick Miller.  Miller, Clear, and Lansford were all acquired in one trade with the Angels in which Boston gave up Rick Burleson and Butch Hobson.

87.  1981 Topps Traded Joe Rudi.  Rudi was acquired in the same trade as Tanana from the Angels.  Rudi of course was almost acquired in 1976 along with Rollie Fingers but the trade was nullified.

88.  1981 Donruss Win Remmerswaal.  The rare Dutch player who came to the United States to play baseball.  Remmerswaal unfortunately ran into injury problems and never reached his potential.

89.  1976 Topps Rico Petrocelli.  I really wanted some vintage cards of Rico.  I got two in this trade.

90.  1974 Topps Rico Petrocelli.

91.  1963 Topps Gene Conley.  Conley also played for the Celtics in the NBA while playing baseball.  He is most notable for his decision to walk off the team bus and attempt to fly to Jerusalem after a game.  He was gone for several days.

92.  1962 Topps Pumpsie Green.  Green of course was the first African American to play for the Boston Red Sox.

93.  1959 Topps Ike Delock.  At one point I considered trying to put together the 1959 Topps team set, as a fairly inexpensive one.  I still may do that.  

94.  1984 Donruss Mike Brown.
95.  1984 Donruss Rick Miller.  It says "Mike", but it's Rick.

96.  1984 Donruss Glenn Hoffman.

97.  1984 Donruss Mark Clear.

98.  1984 Donruss Ed Jurak.

99.  1984 Donruss John Henry Johnson.

100.  1984 Donruss Dave Stapleton.

101.  1984 Donruss Gary Allenson.

102.  1984 Donruss John Tudor.  I love this shot.  Tudor was part of a terrific wave of young pitchers Boston developed in the early 1980's that included Bruce Hurst, Bob Ojeda, Roger Clemens, and Oil Can Boyd.  They probably should have kept them together and they could have won a few pennants.

103.  1984 Donruss Luis Aponte.
104.  1985 Donruss Jackie Gutierrez.

105.  1985 Donruss Tony Armas.  Armas lead the league in home runs and RBIs in 1984.

106.  1985 Donruss Oil Can Boyd.

107.  1985 Donruss Marty Barrett.

108.  1985 Topps Jackie Gutierrez.

109.  1989 Upper Deck Rob Murphy.

110.  1990 Bowman Danny Heep.

111.  1990 Topps Box Bottom Jim Rice.  One of these days I am going to look into what Box Bottom cards I am missing.  I always liked these.

So there you go.  This is the second biggest trade I have ever pulled off.  I had a lot more holes than I thought I did.

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