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Things are going to slow down a little bit soon.  I wish that were not true, but work has had me pretty busy.  So there has not been a lot of time for cards lately.  Today though I have quite a bit of stuff to show off.

Up first is a quick trade I did with Jack over at Baseball Dad's All Tribe Baseball.  I sent an Indians parallel and he sent me this great purple Clay Buchholz card:
1.  2012 Topps Purple Clay Buchholz.  As rare as the purple cards are this year, this is the first one from last year I have added.  I have not even seen one before.

Thanks Jack!

Up next is a small forum trade that added a couple cards to the ongoing Archives team set.  I gave up a couple of the cards I did not have any use for.
2.  2013 Topps Archives 4-in-1 Sticker Wade Boggs/Tony Gwynn/Cal Ripken Jr./Ryne Sandberg.  Here is a 1969 design sticker card of three great Hall of Famers from the 1980's.  I have been a fan of all of these players in the past, but of course Wade Boggs was my first favorite player.

3.  2013 Topps Archives Dual Fan Favorites Fred Lynn/Jacoby Ellsbury.  For some reason I forgot to put this on my want list, but this is definitely a nice card of two great Red Sox center fielders.

I finally got the last card from my recent Ebay Hall of Famer binge:
4.  2010 Topps Jimmie Foxx SP.  This is one of the legends short prints.  Foxx was truly a beast.  He had a terrific 1938 season in which he won the batting title and lead the league in RBIs while coming in second with 50 home runs.  His home run mark was a team record until David Ortiz surpassed it in 2006.  His RBI mark is still a team record.

The next group of scans comes from the last of the forum big buys and includes a number of Hall of Famers as well.
5.  1995 Upper Deck Babe Ruth Baseball Heroes Babe Ruth.  I have wanted this card for years but never got around to getting it.  Of course everyone knows Babe was a pitcher for the Red Sox.  I love getting cards of the Babe with the Red Sox.

6.  2011 Topps 60 Babe Ruth.  Here is another card of Babe Ruth with the Red Sox.  If anyone has more, I am always interested.

7.  2010 Topps Heritage Chrome John Lackey.  Lackey is having a great season this year.  He is finally earning his paycheck.

8.  2005 Leaf Limited David Wells.  His tenure in Boston was short but he had a nice season in 2005 then struggled in 2006.  I always liked him.

9.  2010 Topps Gold Rocco Baldelli.  Another player with a very short tenure in Boston, Baldelli is definitely a tragic figure.  He had a ton of talent but a debilitating illness that sapped it.

10.  2006 Upper Deck Special FX Purple Alex Cora.  This is a neat card of a player that just does not have many Red Sox cards.

11.  1995 Score Platinum Team Set Wes Chamberlain.  Another player with a short Red Sox tenure.

12.  1995 Score Platinum Team Set Scott Fletcher.  Fletcher had a nice 1993 season with Boston but tanked in 1994.  He did not stick around the league much longer.

13.  2006 Ultimate Collection Jimmie Foxx.  Yet another Foxx card.  He is wearing a Red Sox cap on his Hall of Fame plaque, despite actually having a better career with the Athletics, not to say that his Red Sox career was not notable.
14.  2009 Topps Tribute Juan Marichal.  Yes, Marichal played for the Red Sox.  For all of 11 games that is.  Still, can't go wrong with a Hall of Famer.

15.  2008 Topps Allen & Ginter Coco Crisp SP.  I was surprised I did not have this one.

16.  2005 Reflections Rick Ferrell.  Another Hall of Famer.  Ferrell is not the most deserving in Cooperstown, but he is there all the same and he did have a nice career, finishing with a career batting line of .281 and OBP of .378, good numbers for a catcher.

17.  2011 Topps 60 Jimmie Foxx.  That is three Foxx cards today.  Wow.

18.  2005 Leaf Limited Edgar Renteria.  Renteria was a huge bust in Boston.  I do think if they had kept him for another year that he would have improved.

19.  1999 Topps Tek Nomar Garciaparra.  I now have four variations of this card.  Still a lot left to go.

20.  2003 Donruss Super Estrellas Rickey Henderson.  I love getting cards of Henderson with the Red Sox.

21.  2008 Topps Heritage Justin Masterson.  I always liked Masterson and was disappointed when Boston traded him, but it did bring Victor Martinez back.

22.  2008 Stadium Club First Day Justin Masterson.  Another nice Masterson card.
23.  1994 Finest Pre-Production Jeff Russell.  I only had one of these Pre-Production cards before, that one of Scott Cooper.  Russell was a good closer for Boston in 1993, but not in 1994.

24.  1994 Collector's Choice Gold Signature Dave Valle.  My first gold signature from 1994's set.  Valle was yet another player with a short Red Sox tenure.

25.  2001 Fleer Greats Retrospection Collection Cy Young.  It says Boston Pilgrims and he is shown in a Cleveland uniform, but it is still a Red Sox card and hey, Cy Young.

26.  2009 Topps Chrome Refractor John Smoltz.  Smoltz was pretty bad for Boston and was released.  He then ended up with the Cardinals where he finished his career.

27.  2006 Upper Deck Epic David Wells.  As you can see, Wells had a bit of a weight issue, but that was part of his charm.

And last is another one-for-one forum trade:
28.  2013 Topps Blue Sparkle Ryan Dempster.  As I recall these were only available at stores during the Archives giveaway.  I was not able to get any of these so I am pretty happy to add this one.

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