Saturday, July 13, 2013

Red Sox Cardboard?

Today's sole package was some more stuff from Matt at Red Cardboard.  He sent me these as thanks for the package I sent to him earlier.  
1.  1971 Topps Batting Leaders w/ Carl Yastrzemski.  Yaz lost the 1970 batting crown by percentage points.  Alex Johnson hit .32899 to Yaz's .32862.  This is a nice vintage card.  The 1971 design is one of Topps's best.

2.  2012 Topps Update Wal Mart Blue Kelly Shoppach.  Shoppach was originally drafted by the Red Sox in 2001 and made his Major League debut in 2005.  He was then traded to Cleveland and spent some years with the Indians and Rays before returning to Boston to take over as backup catcher from Jason Varitek.  He was doing well in 2012, hitting .250/.327/.471 with five home runs and his first career triple and stolen base.  Then he was possibly involved in some dissension against Bobby Valentine and was unceremoniously traded to the Mets for Pedro Beato.

3.  2013 Topps Wal Mart Blue Dustin Pedroia.  Pedroia is having his usual solid season and is returning to the All Star game this year.  

Thanks Matt!

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