Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Collection Addition Roundup With Thanks to Red Cardboard and Baseball Dad

I have once again fallen way behind.  I apologize.  In order to catch up I have thrown everything together at once.  I hope I do not offend any of my fellow bloggers who sent me stuff by doing this.

Up first was another blaster of Topps Series 2 that I picked up on my way home from a long day in court on Friday.
1.  2013 Topps Jackie Bradley Jr. RC.  This is probably the card I was most excited about in this set.  A terrific action photo of a rising star.  

2.  2013 Topps Wal Mart Blue Jackie Bradley Jr. RC.  I love it when I get both the base and a parallel in the same box.  

3.  2013 Topps Jose Iglesias.  He is still hitting.  It is frankly amazing.  I now have the base, blue, and red versions of this, all from packs.

4.  2013 Topps Clay Buchholz.  Same as Iglesias.  I have three versions all from packs.

5.  2013 Topps Manufactured Card Patch 1955 Topps Ted Williams.  The patches are one-per-box in their own foil wrapper.  I have never pulled a Red Sox...before Friday.  I held the package in my hand and I silently hoped for one of the three Ted Williams cards.  Lo and behold, I got one.  And a pretty neat one at that.  This is my favorite pack pull of the year so far.

Up next is a trade I engineered with Matt from Red Cardboard.  I sent him some Reds cards in exchange for this awesome, vintage 1969 Topps Carl Yastrzemski All Star card.  He also sent me another Yax from 1979 which was a duplicate but is still very much appreciated.
6.  1969 Topps Carl Yastrzemski AS.  Thanks Matt!

And next we have another trade with a fellow blogger.  This one was with Jack from Baseball Dad's ALL TRIBE BASEBALL.  I sent him a few Indians cards and he sent me a package headlined by this:
7.  2013 Topps KMart/Toys 'R Us Purple Ryan Sweeney.  I really like these purple cards and they seem to be in much shorter supply.  I guess people just are not doing much shopping for cards at those stores.  

Jack also sent me a couple of other cards that were duplicates, but again, greatly appreciated.  Thanks Jack!

The last package was another individual, Brian, who contacted me for a card on one of my pack break/tradebait threads.  In exchange for an Archives Sticker, he sent me these: 
8.  2013 Topps 1983 All Star Jim Rice.  You can never have too many cards of Hall of Famers.  I love the Archives insert sets and will be trying again this year to get all of them.  This one helped.

9.  2013 Topps Sticker Jacoby Ellsbury.  I did not have any of these yet.  Nice to add another Ellsbury to the collection.

Thanks Brian!

And finally, the tradebait.  The first scan is all stuff from the Topps blaster earlier.  I got a ton of parallels and inserts.  Most of the inserts I got in a previous blaster.  Annoying.  As usual, if you see anything you want and want to trade some Red Sox for it, let me know either by email or commenting, but if you comment, please let me know a way to contact you.  I had some issues last time with people who did not have email addresses anywhere.

Here is some more stuff from the blaster: 

 And more:

Jack also sent me an unopened pack of 2003 Donruss Super Estrellas.  The contents are here, with the exception of a couple of cards that have been spoken for:
And finally, some Blue Wave Refractors.  I got a free package of these on Bowman's Prospect Challenge last month and finally got them in.  These are super nice cards.  I really want a Red Sox from the set, so if you have one, let me know which one of these you want in return:


  1. Glad you liked the purple. I'll look for some more in exchange for that blue Michael Bourn !

  2. I've heard that the Toys R Us purple cards are in short supply because not many people buy them, and in a sense it's understandable since baseball cards sold at TRU are priced a lot higher than those sold at Wal-Mart and Target (nearly $10 higher).

    BTW, I'd love a shot at the Adam Warren RC blue parallel, I'll see if I have any Red Sox cards left to trade.