Monday, October 31, 2016

Update Break, A Package from Joel, and Some Topps Now

I tried my luck with some more Update and a pack of Heritage High Numbers again.  But collation continues to be a massive problem as almost all of the base that I received in everything were duplicates.  I managed to bring in just one new Red Sox base card, but on the other hand, I also received two new inserts, so there is that.  Otherwise, I received a trade package from a reader named Joel who sent me some cards from my want list.  And then I finally received two late-season Topps Now cards.  I am waiting on just two more.
1.  Henry Owens.  This is a Wal Mart only insert card, so I am very happy to pull it from my blaster.  I like these cards which take the Topps design from the year of the player's birth.  Owens may be running out of time to make it to Boston.

2.  Craig Kimbrel.  I'm a little surprised that Topps did not make an All Star card of Kimbrel.  He was named to the team, though he did not attend.

3.  Jeff Bauman.  I have mentioned before that I don't care for these First Pitch cards.  I respect this guy, he lost both of his legs at the Boston Marathon Bombing, and was instrumental in helping to identify the culprit, but I don't care for this concept.

The next three cards came from Joel:
4.  Jeff Reardon.  The 1990 Pepsi Red Sox seem to be even harder to find than the 1991s.  I am close to completion for the 1991s, but I have a long way to go for the 1990s.  This one finally checks one off my list.

5.  Frank Baumann.  One of the "Bonus Babies" Boston signed in the 1950's to try to kickstart their team with young talent.  Just like all the others, Baumann did not do a whole lot.  He led the league in ERA in 1960, but that was already after he had been traded to the White Sox for Ron Jackson.

6.  Rick Asadoorian.  He was traded to the Cardinals before he had a chance to do much in the Red Sox system, but Asadoorian never made it to the Major Leagues.  He later tried to make it as a pitcher, but that didn't really work either.

Thanks Joel!

7.  Topps Now Sept. 24.  One of the most enduring images of the Red Sox 2016 system is the Win Dance Repeat ritual.  The three outfielders, Mookie Betts, Jackie Bradley Jr., and whoever happened to be playing left (in this case: Chris Young), would meet in center field, bow to each other, then two of them would drop to their knees and mime that they are filming the third one improvise a quick dance.  It was fun and funny, even though the team did not make it far in the postseason.

8.  Topps Now Sept. 25.  I was disappointed with this.  Boston pitchers struck out 23 Rays hitters in 10 innings, a record.  I wish Topps would have included small pictures of each of the four pitchers involved in the record, and not just this shot of the end of the game.  Joe Kelly is pictured and he picked up the win while striking out four.  Eduardo Rodriguez started the game and struck out 13 in 5.1 innings.  Heath Hembree struck out five in 1.2 innings and Matt Barnes struck out one.  Fernando Abad also appeared in the game, but did not strike anyone out.

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