Wednesday, October 26, 2016

At Last, Some More Heritage High Numbers

On Friday, I bought a few packs of Heritage High Numbers due to the local Walmart not having Topps Update yet.  The first pack contained two Red Sox that I actually did not have yet (Topps collation sucks, see my previous posts on this set).

1.  Sandy Leon.  I would have loved to pull the Throwback variation, but I am just not that lucky.  Leon was a revelation at catcher this season, but I am realistic, I don't think he is really as good as he was after he was called up.  He did hit a homer in the ALDS though, so there is that.

2.  Josh Rutledge.  Rutledge hit .265 with six doubles in 56 plate appearances in 2016.  He was acquired in the 2015 season from the Angels in exchange for Shane Victorino.
And then my mail included another of the Topps Throwback Thursday cards, this one is the Beverly Hills 90210 set design and features MVP candidate Mookie Betts.  The only disappointment I have of his season is that he did not make the 30/30 club.


  1. I know that the set the Betts is from is supposed to be a 90210 tribute but damn is the design ugly.

    Cool cards though.