Saturday, October 1, 2016

Two More Avoid the No Cards List Thanks to Venezuela

I have been having pretty good luck finding cards from Venezuela recently of players that otherwise would not have any cards.  Last time out, there was Geremi Gonzalez, before that was Sandy Leon.  Several minor leaguers also have cards, but I have not been picking those up because they have not played in the Majors.  I am not sure what the story is behind these cards, they do not likely have a Major League license, but are still getting made.

Anyway, two more players arrived recently.  Up first is Niuman Romero:
Romero played in just two games for the Red Sox in 2010.  He had four at-bats, did not collect a hit, but did score a run.  He played one game at first and the other at second, yet is listed here as a shortstop.  He had a an assist and four putouts at first, but did not have any defensive chances at second.  He has been bouncing around the minors ever since, but his only other Major League appearance was the previous season in 10 games with the Indians.

And now, Gustavo Molina:
No relation to the Molina brothers (Jose, Bengie, and Yadier) obviously because they are all from Puerto Rico.  This Molina was a catcher as well though.  Gustavo Molina had a bit more Major League experience than Romero above.  He has appeared in the Majors for five different teams in four seasons, though never for more than ten games.  Molina's Red Sox stint consisted of four games in 2010.  He had seven at-bats, collected a hit and a run, and had an assist and 15 putouts as a catcher.

So, not the most exciting of players here, but I am very excited to cross them both off the list of players without Red Sox cards.

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  1. Those Venezuelan cards sure do get deep into player selection - there's several Cubs out there who never received any other cards as well. I'm going to have to try and seek a few out myself.