Sunday, October 30, 2016

Knuckling Down

Every once in awhile, I find myself focusing more on an individual player.  Sometimes my team collection becomes more of a player collection as my collecting interests evolve.  The most notable time period occurred over the course of several seasons from 2004 to 2008 when Jason Varitek was my primary focus.  It led to some holes that I am still working to fill.  But there have been other players, though not lasting nearly as long.  Felix Doubront and Jackie Bradley Jr. were two recent players that spent a bunch of time and money tracking down.  To a lesser extent, players like Hideo Nomo and Rickey Henderson were also players that I went a little nuts over.

Recently, with Topps finally producing cards of Red Sox knuckle-baller Steven Wright in his fourth season (in which he made the All Star team), I found my new focus.  As a result, I recently won an Ebay auction to get all cards of Wright in two cases.  The results were a little disappointing:
I got the two base cards (and tons of duplicates, seriously if anyone wants any, email me an address and I will send them) as well as two parallels.  The first parallel is the Gold and the second is the Negative.  I was hoping to get at least the All Star Stitches jersey card.  Oh well.  If anyone out there has any of the Steven Wright cards not on the list linked on the right and wants to work out a trade, please let me know.

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