Sunday, October 2, 2016

A Disappointing High Numbers Break

I tried another blaster of Heritage High Numbers recently to try to get some more of the newer players.  Here are the results:
So, three new cards, all of whom had some cards before, but not many.  I am okay with this.  Barnes, Shaw, and Hanigan are not huge in my collection and I like all three players.  I am disappointed because these three showed up in the first two packs, and no new Red Sox came after that.  In fact, no new cards at all.  The next six packs were exactly the same as the cards I had received in my first blaster.  There were three SPs, two of which were the same as the last blaster.  Collation is a huge problem for Topps.

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  1. If you have either of the David Ross cards and you're willing to trade them, then let me know!