Friday, December 6, 2013

Slooooow Offseason

With the new season still several months away, and very few new sets coming out during the offseason, it is harder and harder to find new baseball cards.  My next batch all came from Ebay.
I don't care for the online only Topps sets.  For the second year in a row, Topps saw fit to release an updated Heritage set only available in complete set form and only online.  With just four Red Sox cards, I did not want to shell out the $100.00 for the set and take a chance at a decent autograph, particularly since none of the autos were Red Sox.

1.  2013 Topps Heritage High Number Allen Webster RC.  Webster looks like he should be able to help next year.  They need to get something out of the Punto trade.

2.  2013 Topps Pro Debut Allen Webster.  This was a throw-in.

3.  2013 Topps Heritage High Number Koji Uehara.  This is one of the reasons I picked up this team set.  Hopefully next year there will be some more cards of Koji.

4.  2013 Topps Heritage High Number Jackie Bradley Jr. RC.  Another reason I wanted this lot.

5.  2013 Topps Heritage High Number Jose Iglesias.  I was surprised this card showed him in a Red Sox uniform.

6.  2013 Finest 93 Finest Jackie Bradley Jr.  Just an awesome-looking insert here.  The refractors are going for insane amounts.

7.  2013 Finest 93 Finest Mike Napoli.  A hit off of my Top 10 finally.

8.  2013 Pinnacle Museum Collection Jackie Bradley Jr. RC.  The JBJ kick is still going...

In news, Boston picked up Edward Mujica from the Cardinals as a free agent.  Mujica is a live right-handed arm out of the bullpen, relatively young, with impeccable control.  A possible Uehara-type in the pen with closing experience.  I like this move.

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