Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Big Mailday Post, and a Zippy Zapping

Monday morning saw my post office box overflowing.  And not all of that was letters from other attorneys, police reports for cases, or the other usual crap I get as an attorney.  It held several packages of baseball cards.  My favorite kind of mailday.

Up first is three packages full of Jackie Bradley Jr. cards:
1.  2013 Bowman Top 100 Jackie Bradley Jr.  This one spent a brief time on my Ten Most Wanted list before being picked up for cheap on Ebay.

The next two came in a forum trade in which I gave up some Red Sox doubles.
2.  2013 Pinnacle Jackie Bradley Jr. RC.  This was the last card I needed to complete this team set.

3.  2013 Finest Refractor Jackie Bradley Jr. RC. 

The final two came in a lot on Ebay.
4.  2013 Bowman Chrome Refractor Jackie Bradley Jr. RC.

5.  2013 Bowman Chrome Xfractor Jackie Bradley Jr. RC.

The next package was a large trade package from Mark who has been commenting on here sporadically, chock full of vintage Red Sox.  Mark, I really appreciate the package.  I am working on some goodies for you to be sent out here soon.
1.  1989 Baseball Card Magazine Roger Clemens.  Heritage before Heritage.

2.  1990 Baseball Card Magazine Roger Clemens.  Same here.

3.  1984 Ralston/Purina Wade Boggs.  I love oddball cards.  Food issues are my favorites.  This one is pet food but it still qualifies.  The Milk Bone cards in 1992 were some other good ones.  Boggs looks kind of grumpy here.

4.  1975 Topps Mini Tommy Harper.  Hey my first 75 mini.  These are held in particularly high regard by Night Owl.  His fanaticism with them has lead me to want one.

5.  1975 Hostess Bill Lee.  Ah here we go with a food issue.  I would love to get the George Scott from 1977 as well.

6.  1975 Topps Tommy Harper.  Boston's single season stolen base record holder until Jacoby Ellsbury shattered it in 2009.

7.  1973 Topps Rogelio Moret.  An underrated arm for the Red Sox in the early 1970's.  He was 13-2 in 1973 and 14-3 in 1975.

8.  1973 Topps Marty Pattin. Pattin was another decent starter for the Red Sox in the early 1970's.  He was a 17 game winner in 1972.

9.  1972 Topps Sonny Siebert.  Siebert was Boston's leader in WAR in 1971.  Kind of an unusual stat, particularly on a team with Reggie Smith and Carl Yastrzemski.
10.  Unknown Mike Nagy card.  Any help identifying this would be appreciated.  Nagy was terrific in 1969 as a rookie, going 12-2 but struggled after that.

11.  1967 Topps Don McMahon.  Acquired in the trade that sent fan favorite Dick Radatz to Cleveland, McMahon was effective in a partial season in the back end of the Boston bullpen.

12.  1967 Topps Dave Morehead.  Morehead had his 15 minutes of fame in 1965 when he threw a no hitter.  Unfortunately his career never really got off the ground.

13.  1966 Topps Chuck Schilling.  No relation to Curt.  Chuck was a terrific defensive second baseman who could not hit to save his life.  He did have a little pop occasionally though.

14.  1965 Topps Chuck Schilling.

15.  1965 Topps Earl Wilson.  Wilson was the second African American to play for Boston.  He eventually became a reliable starter, throwing a no hitter in 1962.  He also had a lot of power for a pitcher, hitting 35 home runs in his career.

Thanks Mark!

I love the silk collection partial parallel.  I try to pick a few of these up once in awhile but they are in high demand, so it is difficult some times.  I managed to add one recently though:
16.  2010 Topps Silk Collection Victor Martinez.  Martinez was very successful as a Red Sox player in his brief year-and-a-half stint.  Unfortunately his future was not behind the plate so Boston did not keep him around.

Bowman Draft presents a quandary for me.  I love adding Red Sox cards, but I am kind of ambivalent towards adding a bunch of cards of players who will likely never make the Majors.  So I do not usually go out of my way to get cards.  But if I can get them in a trade without giving much up, it works for me:
17.  2013 Bowman Chrome Draft Picks Drake Britton RC.  I am okay with this one because Britton appeared for the Red Sox and had moderate success at times.  Nice tattoos.

18.  2013 Bowman Chrome Draft Picks Prospects Joseph Monge.  Just drafted this year out of high school.  He is likely a long way away.

19.  2013 Bowman Chrome Draft Picks Top Prospects Matt Barnes.  Barnes is no longer Boston's highest rated pitching prospect, which goes to show how deep Boston's minor league system has become.

20.  2013 Bowman Draft Picks Drake Britton RC.  Another Britton.  I am disappointed Brandon Workman did not make an appearance in this set.

21.  2013 Bowman Draft Picks Prospects Bryan Hudson.  Another draft pick from this year and another long shot to make it.

22.   2013 Bowman Draft Picks Top Prospects Matt Barnes.

23.  2013 Bowman Draft Picks Top Prospects Xander Bogaerts.  I am really excited to see Bogaerts in the Majors next season.  He performed well in the postseason.

24.  2013 Topps Allen & Ginter Mini Bill Buckner.  Nice Buckner card.  He appeared a lot this year for some reason.

Next is a trade I made for a card off my wantlist:
25.  2013 Topps Manufactured Rookie Patch Wade Boggs.  Oddly Boggs is listed as a first baseman on this card.  Carney Lansford was still on the team when Boggs came up and Boston wanted to get his bat in the lineup regularly.  I like this card a lot.

Finally, one of my favorite trade partners sent me an unsolicited package of cards with some great stuff included:
I have been Zippy Zapped.

26.  1970 Topps Tony Conigliaro.  Incredible.  I love this card.  Conigliaro is such a tragic story.  This card was issued after his successful comeback.  Unfortunately it would not last.

27.  2013 Panini Prizm Perennial Draft Picks Green Mookie Betts.  Remember this name.  Betts had an incredible season in the minors.  Unfortunately if he is to make it in Boston, he will have to find another position.

28.  1998 Topps Tek Pedro Martinez.  I need to go back and find one player to try for the entire spectrum of Tek patterns.

29.  2013 Bowman Draft Picks Breakouts Garin Cecchini.  Another young player to watch.  Cecchini could find himself the new third baseman if Middlebrooks continues to falter.

Thanks a ton Kenny!  I will have to pay you back some day soon.


  1. The Nagy is a 1971 Dell. They were issued in team booklets with perforated cards. Some of the stars can be found laminated. The booklets can also still. Be found intact. Glad you enjoyed the cards. I will be digging up some more oddball stuff soon.

  2. Glad to see you got the cards safely and surprisingly quickly :).