Friday, April 23, 2021

2020 Topps Gallery Blaster Break

I still have no idea why it is SO hard to find any packs anywhere.  I have generally been able to find maybe one blaster of each new product before it is gone.  The Walmart shelves have been empty for weeks now.  I was lucky last Fall to grab one box of Topps Gallery.  Here are the Red Sox: 

Not a lot to show off, but the Xander Bogaerts card is an Artist Proof parallel, so there is that.  Pulling a parallel or insert of a Red Sox player is still fun for me, and for whatever reason, I just do not pull enough Bogaerts cards.  Adding on is a Chris Sale base card.  I like the horizontal shot here, but it would be better if it got the whole arm-span into the shot.  Sale has a unique delivery that is fun to watch, but likely also has an impact on the fact that he had to have Tommy John surgery last year.  He is still working his way back.

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  1. We were thinking Sale's arm would have trouble while still with White Sox. I'm surprised he made it that long without issues.

    Nice job finding a blaster. Never saw Gallery on the Wal-Mart shelves.