Monday, March 24, 2014

Yes the Red Sox Collection is Still My Primary Focus

It is true that I have resurrected my player collection, but the Red Sox remain my primary collection.  It's nice to have something on the side once in awhile.  But it is much easier to add to my Red Sox collection.  Just look here:
1.  2013 Select Mike Napoli.  I bought this along with a bunch of Alomars recently from one seller.  I liked the design of the new Select set, though I would like it better if they had an MLB license.

The next trade knocked off four cards from my wantlist, including one from my Top 10.
2.  2013 Panini Hometown Heroes Calling the Shots Terry Francona.  Nice to see managers getting a little love.  Francona goes down as one of the best managers in Red Sox history.

3.  2013 Panini Hometown Heroes Wade Boggs.  Anyone have any more of these?  I need a bunch still for the team set.

4.  1987 Donruss Bob Stanley.  Yes, the Steamer.  I am still missing a few cards from 1987 Donruss.

5.  1975 Topps Luis Tiant.  This is the big one of the day.  A rare action shot for 1975 Topps, which did not have many for the Red Sox.  That's why I wanted it.

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