Friday, March 7, 2014

The Return of Donruss

When I was first getting into baseball cards, Donruss was my favorite brand.  I do not really know why that was at this time.  I am sure I had my reasons.  The 1989 set was my personal favorite.  Again, don't ask for reasons.  I was little.  Donruss has had kind of a shaky history in the hobby.  During the 1980's through the mid 1990's it was very active, but disappeared in 1999.  Then it returned in 2001, kept going until 2005 and was gone again.  Panini has resurrected the brand recently and this is the first season we have an actual Donruss set since 2005.  It also marks the return of Diamond Kings.  Of course being a Panini brand, Donruss does not have an MLB license, which is unfortunate.

Anyway, I got a trade worked out recently where I got a bunch of the 2014 Donruss singles.  Behold:
1.  2014 Donruss Nomar Garciaparra.  Panini has been putting a bunch of retired players in their sets, so it is no surprise that Nomar gets a card here.  He will first become eligible for the Hall of Fame next year and has a borderline case.

2.  2014 Donruss David Ortiz.  Hurry up and extend him already.

3.  2014 Donruss Team MVPs Dustin Pedroia.  I love this one.  They used a variation of the 1989 design for this card.  Great-looking card.

4.  2014 Donruss A.J. Pierzynski.  My first A.J. card even though this is a Texas uniform that the logo was air-brushed out of.  I am a little wary of A.J. as catcher this year, though it is just for one season so it can't be too bad.

5.  2014 Donruss Shane Victorino.  Likely going to be the leadoff hitter this year.

6.  2014 Donruss Jon Lester.  Hurry up and extend him already.

7.  2014 Donruss Dustin Pedroia.  One player with no contract concerns thanks to his deal last year.

8.  2014 Donruss Mike Napoli.  I am looking forward to seeing what Napoli will do this year.  He was arguably the best defensive first baseman in the league last year and had a decent year with the stick too.

Just a note:  I know I owe some people some packages.  Things have been hectic trying to get some civil trials out of the way recently.  I will get stuff out soon.


  1. Nice. Those Team MVP cards are a tough pull.

  2. I'm not huge on '89 Donruss, but those Team MVP inserts are pretty cool.